Why your Husband doesn’t Appreciate you: WOMEN ONLY!

You wonder what happened, your hubby seem not to notice you in the marriage? While in your mind, you are confident that you are doing everything as expected yet his mind seems to wander far away…? Worry no more! Here are a few facts that you can work on and be sure of positive results.

These are well-researched facts that touch almost each and every marriage life in the world. So be keen to grab your share and save your love life lady!

#1.Are you doing what he NEEDS or what he wants

See, men are a simple species and not complicated as you may think. Want to know why? … A man’s need is straightforward. Just take him as he is an answer to his needs and wants as he asks. If he says he is hungry simply give him food and you’ll catch his attention. Make him your baby by responding to his needs. Make him addicted to you, allow his mind to believe that only you understand him better and you’ll never lose him.

Don’t struggle with your husband all the time. Men are easily put off by arguments, so don’t make it a habit to argue with him all the time if you want to keep him close.

#2. Don’t fantasize

Most ladies live with the fantasy of what they think a husband should be like.
Such a mentality is risky and dangerous as it may never be a reality. If you want him to appreciate you and your beauty, you’ve got to accept him the way he is, and also appreciate him. Acknowledge him and he will notice you. 

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#3. Don’t change him, teach him

It’s almost impossible to change a grown-up but it possible to teach him what you want. However, you must first give for you to receive- aha! Teach him to love you by you first respecting and loving him. Learn his love language and teach him yours. If you love gifts, make him aware by telling him. If you want him to create time for you do it first for him. I mean, make him understand the kind of person you are, and what you value in life!

Respect is the only key to a man’s heart, and especially a married man. Your man needs to show he is the king and you are her queen. Treat him like a king and it will be automatic for him to appreciate you as a queen. Be wise enough to draw a line between what he needs and what he wants.

Don’t victimize him because of his conjugal needs, supply to his needs! The moment he becomes addicted to the things you do for him and the respect you show him, he wouldn’t want to lose you at any cost. You get all these only on this blog! Facts4me.blogspot.com Welcome again.

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