Top Reasons Why you “can” Remain Single for Long

Being single is not really a mistake, neither should it be taken as a mark of failure on anybody. However, there are somethings which can make a person remain single for a longer period than expected. -The aim of this article is simply to help us reason realistically on this subject of singlehood, and how you can get your partner in a soberly and realistic manner. 

Okay, there are many reasons as to why some people are single, but now the big question is: can singlehood be acted upon or in any way…?  Sure it can! This is an issue of concern in the society today, and there should be solutions to it.  Nonetheless, the best way to tackle this is through analyzing the factors that lead to singleness. So here are some factors that can make you stay single longer than expected, and also how you can avoid them.

#1. Pride
This comes first as it’s one of the greatest enemies of any relationship. See, may people have remained single simply because they overlooked any potential person that came across their path. They couldn’t allow nor keep any relationship in the name of; “not my class” not my type” and “not yet time”.

Okay, there is always some truth in these phrases but, do you realize the real responsibility you have concerning your future. Sometimes, we lie to ourselves with these phrases just to hide from reality and earn praise. Please, please when it comes to matters concerning your future, you should put away pride and establish a thinking chair and plan realistically on your own future. Know what you need in life, but not what your ego wants.

#2. Wrong Mind-Set

This is another tragedy! Many people are suffering in singlehood simply because of a mindset problem. We can say “a  poisoned mindset” They have adopted a belief that marriage is hard, unbearable and painful. Okay, there is truth in that also. But it’s important to know, singlehood is not an escape from pains. There is as well the tremendous pain that comes with the decision to remain unmarried.

Fix Your Marriage

The fact is, there is nowhere in this world where peace is guaranteed, except in “Christ Jesus”.  Don’t decide to be single because of other people’s stories and arguments, you’ve got your own life and a future to work on.

#3 Negligence to the reality of life

I don’t know what to call this! But it’s a perfect mistake that needs to be urgently addressed!… Life is not a rehearsal, as some people take it for, instead, its a reality that everybody must wake up to. You want a perfect human being to marry, -and you are not perfect? Aha! you want things to happen automatically? …My my, okay, marriage is a very serious commitment and you must do your “homework”, but that shouldn’t scare you.

You ought to rise to the occasion! Simply define what you need and want in this life and go for it. For men, go hunt for the right person and stop dreaming. For the ladies, look into life with the eyes of wisdom. Don’t be carried away by fantasy, know the kind of man you want and send the right signals!

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