Husbands and Respect

There is something special that all married men crave for, and that thing is RESPECT. Call it a weakness and you’ll still be correct. However, a wise woman should use this “weakness” to build her own house. Respect to your husband is like a charm that evades his heart and transforms the way he sees you as a wife.  

It is essentially a marital need to him, he can barely live without it and only you as his wife can give it satisfactorily. See, men are like big babies when it comes to their needs, they don’t know how to hide. Take this to build yourself in him by creating a non-erasable impression of respect right into this mind.
Always create an atmosphere to show how important he is to you and you’ll have him all to yourself.
Be keen when he is talking you, the alertness will make him pour his heart on you. And in the long run, he’ll build trust with you. Always create an impression to show you acknowledge his position in the marriage.

Practically, men have a tendency to dominate but that should work to your advantage as a wife. Don’t rival him, but you can control him with respectful words. Be wise, and the moments he realizes you are wise he will respect you more and more.
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