Whom do you Need: Someone to Live with Or Someone you Can’t live without: Marriage life Simplified

Marriage is an institution that needs to be nurtured with lots of keenness. What makes this life somewhat complicated is due to the fact that you’ll never find a 100percent perfect partner to spent life with no matter how much you search in life. However it doesn’t mean you just pick any body and settle with in marriage, No. You must and should do your homework, search for your partner- BUT with a sober mindset. 

The same sober mind-set should be maintained before and after marriage: which is; you need someone you can’t live without and not someone to live with. Its good to expect great things from your spouse but that shouldn’t make you a perfectionist. The key thing that you ought to concentrate on once you are married is understanding your partner.

In fact for the already married, you’ll realize your spouse is tally different from what you ever wished or expected. Now here come the truth: life and nature intends that you both grow into your expectations for one another.

Don’t expect your hubby or wife to be the perfect being you want instantly, it’s a process and it should take years. You are supposed to grow into one another until you reach a point where you can’t live without one another.

The faults you see on your partner are meant to shape and develop your character. ( or in simpler terms: they are meant to inflict pain so as to make you a better and disciplined person) Aha, I just said it! So don’t keep on controlling everything in the marriage, see the positive side of things… Okay you may ask how is this pain or misunderstanding valuable?

– For instance if you have an emotional weakness of crying even under a small pressure, the only way your partner can help you is by being tough on you! Until you get used to persevering and waiting. So work on the marriage that you are in, pray to your God, involve a councillor where necessary and always know: you need someone that you can’t live without but not someone to live with. Big time. Marriage life made simple only on this blog !!!

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