3 Techniques to make your husband love you the most.

Love as the most essential ingredient in a relationship must be captivated. It also must be natured to grow and given time to mature. I used to think that loving your spouse is an automatic thing and that it comes naturally. It’s no longer the case, life has taught me some wonderful lessons and I’ve wised up! I come across these 3 hot tips shared with my wife and they work..

#1. Honor

Yap! Easy as it sounds, research has established that men have a great need to be honored in relationships. He just wants you to honor him. He’s desperate for it and the perfect person to give it should be you as her wife. Make him your king, treasure his orders even when they don’t make enough sense.

Okay, that doesn’t mean you can’t question him, No. If it’s questioning or having a contrary opinion, ensure that you first win his ego by making him always know you respect and honor him.

Once he builds believe and trust that you respect him, you’ll have plenty of privileges to question or even offer your contrary opinions without interfering with his peace. The ideas are, always make him know you respect him in all circumstances.

#2. Satisfy his Needs

Be the kind of woman he would wish to have in the house. This simply means, be smart, wear what he likes to see on a woman. It’s important that you understand sex is a priority for your husband. Sounds strange huh? I also wondered when I came across this reality. He is your husband! So give him his dues as much as he would want. Make his life easy and not harder by ensuring he gets all he would need on a woman, and by this, you’ll catch all his mind.

#3. Feed him
It’s important to know your husband was once a small kid. Okay, he’s now a man but doesn’t forget he is a “big baby” to you. He needs care and the only care you can give today is showing concern over his stomach. See, you can’t carry him around, nor can you babysit him but. But you can let him understand you care that his stomach is fine and catered for. If you can, cook for him, but if not, ensure that it’s you who serves him the food when at home. This makes his brain get addicted to you as you give him what he must have.

Okay, there are many other things you can do to affirm your love life but the above 3 has a direct impact on his way of thinking. See, if you honor him, you’ll obviously be keen with your words usage, if you often satisfy his conjugal needs he won’t want to lose you, and finally, if you feed him, he’ll take you as important and necessary in his life. Have a big time as you build a stable family life. 

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