The 3 Top Secretes you Must know About your Friends, Spouse, Relative…

It’s not recommendable for one to live without friends, they are a necessity that you can’t overlook. In fact even the people who pride in having no friends in their life do lie because it is impossible. The fact is, there is always a person to relate to whether it’s parents, spouse, relatives, workmates schoolmates and so on. All these should be in your list of friends.

These are important people in your personal life but there are some facts that you must learn to accept so as to ever remain at peace with them. The tips below will help you better understand human psychology in regard to friendships and relationships;

#1.They must talk
Despite the fact that someone is a dearest friend to you, always know that they can speak against you. Yes, that’s the nature of mankind, but that doesn’t mean that they are not genuine to the friendship/relation! No. It simply means, since people have mouths they must talk (backbite). Never end a friendship simply because someone backbite you. See, even your own mother can backbite you, and that doesn’t change her status as a mother!

#2.They Have their own life.
We are sometimes tempted to think that since someone claims to be dear to us, they are obligated to live and do exactly as how we want. We even go to extends of feeling offended when we see them making decision that are against our wish.

For instance you might want a fried to loose weigh just because you dislike a bulky body, only to realize that they even don’t bother about. Note: everybody has their life and this should not interfere with your friendship. You can only advise him or her but can never choose the kind of life they want to live.

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#3. They are not responsible for our happiness
This is another very important point to note. In fact when I personally came to understand this, I received great relief in my life. See, we often think that since someone is a dear friend, they are responsible to make us as happy as possible every-time they are around.

Whether it’s a spouse, mother, father workmate or anybody closer to you, always note that the level of your happiness is determined by you personally and not a friend. See happiness comes from within, it about deciding to be happy even when situations don’t allow… Okay?. BIG TIME, as you decided to keep your value adding friends

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