Don’t Allow your Trust for People Steal your Inner Peace…

inner peace

We all know that there is nobody in this world who is worthy of 100percent trust, yet we sometime find ourselves wanting to trust people for even beyond 1000perncent. This is being unreasonable, and when such a kind of trust backfires, it result to total hatred, pain, disbelieve and even suicidal thoughts. Okay trusting a your marriage partner, friend, father, mother, relative and children is okay but ….

Let’s analyse the “but”and see the exact way for measuring the level of trust we ought to offer. Let’s open our minds to the truth, which is;

#1. Love yourself fast
Whenever you wanna trust someone, ensure that there is that level of healthy self-love. Don’t just give out the whole of your trust to people without considering a “but” in your mind. Or simply; love BUT always be sure that the person you trust can betray you. See, there is nothing you can do about it as nobody is really 100percent dependable. Only GOD! This fact is not meant to destroy your morals but to affirm them. Simply be mature and understand humans rather than being negative

#2. Accept the fact that nobody is a supreme being.

Often we think that the people we so much trust are perfect and supreme. We forget that they also “should mistake”. By accepting that, you simply understand their sole duty is not to always impress you. They have their own agendas, likes and dislikes in life and so that can pull then to misbehave. Just be humble and understand that there are things we can’t change ourselves.

#3. Be trustworthy but keep it to yourself.

There is this trap that sometimes tend to have extreme power to mislead us. See, when you don’t want to offend someone or when you decide to remain trustworthy to people. You may find them failing or betraying you and this can make you change your mind in a bid to revenge. Okay, there is that feeling of satisfaction after revenge BUT there is also another thing you can’t overlook. That is the product of revenge. 

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The necked truth about revenge is that it’ll hurt you in the long run even more. So why not be a gentleman/lady enough and know your trustworthiness is for the wellness of your heart, mind and soul! 
Simply remain peaceful and calm from within. Joy is an internal thing and there no need to allow the environment to control what’s going on in your heart. 

The truth is that you may not attain this at once but keep on reminding yourself, and taking the necessary actions when need be. The power to remain calm and peaceful is right within your choices so choose wisely. Okay? …Big time.

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