Are You Really Wise in that Marriage Life? Here’s the 5 Point Truth Meter

wisdom in marriage

Have you ever wondered why some couples seem happier in their marriages despite the fact that marriage life is generally full of hardships, strive and strain? Do you ever ask yourself what makes your marriage not as satisfactory as you want it to be? Or in simpler terms, do you consider yourself to be wise in your relationship with your partner?

See, the stories you here allover the media about “love turned sower”, bride kills husband during 8th day of their honeymoon”, “husband kills wife or the opposite”, or even “pastor compromising his integrity”, all these a just a mare reflection of what’s going on in today’s marriages. Otherwise, there is a bigger problem with relationships and especially marriage life. Okay, let’s come to you and me. Whether man or woman, educated or not, you MUST yearn to be WISE if you are to ever enjoy marriage.

Viola! Here, is how to exactly evaluate your marriage life and whether you are playing wise:

#5. WORDS.
Aha! Can you remember your first days when you begun seeing your partner? And, can you try to recall your use of words? Off-course you’ll notice a big difference and the thing is, both of you were wise in words usage in those early days. So what happened, why the harshness while talking to your partner.

And in fact if you are keen you’ll notice that you go to extends of abusing the once adorable partner. See, marriage life is about growth. The the big question is, have you grown positively on your words usage? Do still call him/her darling, sweetie, dear, sugar or tomato source! If not, you are heading to hell, so please reconsider your ways.

Fix Your Marriage

See, being wise simply means handling things the proper way, or dealing with your partner in a smart way so as not to hurt them, offend, or make them feel lonely. To rewind a bit of your life, you can approve that there was a lot of touching, caressing, and hugging during the onset of the marriage life.

This is an automatic form of wisdom given by nature (law of attraction in relationships) , but now the problem is, you never grew it further. If you want to remain wise in your marriage life, you must remain relevant to satisfying the “touch-need” on your partner. 

Do you give words of affirmations to your partner anymore? Okay you think that words of affirmation are no longer important? … You are dead! …Oh my am sorry, wanted to tell you that your partner might get that from somewhere illegitimate. I don’t mean to be rude by that, all what is there is for you to open your wisdom eyes.

If you want your marriage life to work out then be smart, do what you must do. Tell your partner how beautiful or handsome they are. In fact, import some flattery works and use them as many time as possible in your marriage. Feel and encourage your partner and he/she will consider you important in their well being. 

This has turned out to be history in marriages”hope not in yours”. If you want to know the level of your wisdom, just look at how intimate your relationship is. Oops sorry for being brutally honest, but am helping you! The simple fact is: you managed to be intimate in the fast place or at the beginning of your relationship, …why not now?. Wake up and do the thing! Keep the fare of love burning and stop complaining.

So fur you ought to have known the different unchangeable facts about marriage life and your partner. Okay, lets shade some light. Marriage fact #1– you must know that life is short and the only safe way to enjoy it, is in your marriage. #2. It’s your responsibility to always satisfy your partner. #3. You have to make things happen if they are to happen.#4. Love is contagious so you must love your partner to get it back. Be wise! 

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