Writing for Google Search to Boost Website Traffic Levels

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Writing for Google

Online authors write for various reasons and I just realized a size-able group does it for google search. However, most of them (“and you included”) miss a point that’s of great essence to meeting your key purpose. That is, they do it without the right calculations, and end up surrendering their website(s) to sink into hell. But for you, don’t worry, I’ll share right in this post what you can do and henceforth never to worry about your blog traffic levels.

What calculations are we taking about here? …See, you don’t just wright because you have some basic SEO knowledge and expect to get it right! (okay forgive my rather brutal honestly, I just want to help you dear). Optimizing your blog is necessary but that will not  really guarantee you high website traffic levels, you need some simple maths into action. 

The boggling questions that you find yourself asking concerning website traffic levels is common to almost everyone with a blog. And this is why you see SEO companies thrive by trying to answer it. What you don’t know is, the answer lies right with you( the website owner). Actually, the need for traffic is a big catch to SEO companies, but the sad news is, the strategies they use are the same on every client. Now the big question is, how do you outshine your competers with “overused tricks”?

They’ll claim to make your website appear number one, or even better your googled search but, don’t forget they’ll do the same or even better to your competitor. Solution: Considering today’s competition for traffic levels, its important simply analyze things for yourself before engaging these companies. What I mean is, know that you are in a competition and for your site to stand out, you ought to do what others are not doing.

I have a perfectly working and proven strategy that will help you boost your google search, or simply, this techniques tend to give you power to dictate the traffic levels on your website or blog. I can hear you asking what? Is this guy joking or does he think he’s smarter? Okay, let me swallow pride and answer both question,

“The what part” yea, you can dictate over your traffic levels by your writing. What you write has extreme power to create or destroy you. See, besides writing for google search and SEO, ensure that what you write is of required quality. Let your ideas offer real help to the searcher, off-cause you don’t want to be like an airport’s runaway, where audiences land but immediately take off. That’s not productive traffic, ensure that after landing, you clients get something to make them stay around or even come back.

See, you dictate over the level of your website traffic by the quality of information you give. Give a highly needed info and visitors will come to stay, but do the opposite and you get the opposite. Take yourself as a reader and rate your writing, then see if it’s offering you any real help. …Okay, lets go direct to the second quizz…

Being smarter than you: sincerely speaking, you must wear “a smart” attitude if you are to outshine others and scoup a better share of traffic levels for your website. You ought to give reasons to the google-search-robots for it to consider your writings. Its not magic, you have to be smart. Look into, [length of posts, spellings, use of graphics and photos]. Okay? Check into the enclosed bracket before this sentence, …and finally your prime tip as bellow.  

Here is the technique_ WRITE VERY MANY HIGH QUALITY POSTS. Sounds simple, huh? yeap! Let’s crack it, you have 100 blog post which gives you an approximate traffic level of 40 visitors per day, what do you think1000 blog posts will do. Let’s take that all these posts are keyword optimized. So if every 100 post gives 40 visitors, therefore 1000 posts equals to 40×10= 80: bare in mind that this is the daily minimum expected traffic level for your website.

So, for 5000 posts you’ll have a clean 80×5 = 400 visitors per day. The good thing with this technique is, its not a hype. Am not enticing you with figures, it is a matter of getting what you smartly work for. See, with 5000 SEO written blog post you have an assurance of 400 google searching visitors falling on your pages.

Father prove of this: see, assume you get 1 visitor per post everyday, it means 1x 100posts is 100 visitors. And again:

1 visitor x1000post =1000 visitors
1 visitor x5000post =5000visitors
1 visitor x10,000post =10,000 visitors 
1 visitor x100,000post =100,000 visitors
1 visitor x1000,000post =1000,000 visitors 

See! This is not a hype and am not enticing you dear, the simple logic is, write, write, and write. This what the big websites do, like BBC, FOX,  ABC and the likes do up dates to their website after almost every hour. So, if you ever want to shine as an author writing for google search, why not dictate your website traffic levels by this tip!?

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