Understanding your Marriage Partner

Understanding your Partner

Understanding is among the most essential elements needed to keep a marriage afloat. As you know, all marriage has issues, including President Obama’s leave alone that of Prince Williams. It is a school and nobody ever graduates from it. It is naturally designed to have ups, downs, valleys, joy, sad moments, happy times and all sorts of circumstances that exist. With these said, the only thing that will ever assure you of a better and happy marriage is understanding. 

So, what exactly does understanding mean in marriage? Put aside the dictionary and let us be practical! Okay, this ain’t rudeness nor arrogance, but there is that word meaning from a dictionary and the real practical version of its definition. See… You can only begin to understand your partner when you totally accept that they are human. So what does being human has to do with how you live with your spouse?

Simple! He/she is destined to do mistakes and act humanely. Nobody can ever afford to live exactly as expected in this world. Humans will always have mistakes and it is our duty and responsibility to accept that fact. Don’t spend your life trying to change someone cause you can’t. Simply understand and move on. The weaknesses you see in your partner are there to make life “exciting” and wondrous.

Teach your mind to always know that your partner will never be perfect no matter what, and secure your peace. Another important thing to take in is, your partner has nothing to do with the level of joy in your life. Yes, they are there to make you happy but don’t forget they also have the same need! You can’t really demand someone make you happy cause it’s your own responsibility to do it.

Simply understand and accept that your marriage partner may never fully meet your wants in life. And in fact, nobody and nothing in this life can ever fully satisfy you (me and anybody) in this life. Just accept life, and that we humans always want new things in life. Expecting your partner to give joy and happiness 24/7 is simply both unrealistic and unfair. He/she is also human, just as you are, so it’s better to understand that life is not always bread and butter. It’s also about pains, healing, forgiving and forgetting among others.

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To be sincere, this lack of understanding is what makes us think our marriage partner is not good enough. This mindset is somewhat natural but not realist. Simply accept that yourself you are human and you’ll always want what you don’t have. Get it so far? Don’t waste lots of time trying to meet every desire and need in your marriage life. Simply understand and accept your partner’s weaknesses and device ways to cope up with him/her.

So how do you devise ways to cope up with your marriage partner? A good question! … And this is the answer, …simply “read” his/her likes, dislikes, strong points, and weaknesses. After that, manage all that to ensure peace is what prevails. 

Good relationships are made on the foundations of sacrifice, meaning you have to give away your pride and decide to understand your partner in details.

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