Kill for Love??? -Coping with Marriage life Stress

Cope with marriage stress

From the beginning of this year, stories about lovers killing their spouse, children and themselves have littered the media and all these has directly been linked to cheating. It has raised lots of concern about how really should one handle such like marriage life stress that can prompt murder. Actually cheating is a very serious offence, just like any other issue in marriage. In fact almost any kind of mistake can cause diverse effects in a marriage life if not well handled.

It is extremely vital to have necessary information on how you personally can cope with marriage life and especially when issues come up. Things about love are not taught anywhere in the curriculum despite the fact that they directly influence our lives bumper to bumper. You can’t separate love from this life, meaning it’s not really good to live single . With this in mind, the best way out is knowing how to cope when things go sower. That is, when stress creeps into your marriage. Lets begin with handling cheating in a marriage.

Whoa, yes, I just mentioned “handling cheating in marriage”and please don’t stop reading down because nobody is special, you may think this is not for you, but remember nobody really wants such to happen in their lives. Now the big question is; what will you do if it does, and what if it happens to a friend- what advice will you offer. You don’t want to hear more atrocities happening to families? So please let’s help each other.

Nobody is strong enough to handle a cheating spouse, but a sober advise can help out. So what’s this special that can help you out? …Simple: understand that your partner is a human being and she/he is a sinner just like everybody else. Show your love to your spouse but don’t expect to get a 100percent return of it. Or in simple terms, love but know that he/ she can do anything. And anything means anything.

It is okay, to fully trust your spouse, but it is important to be wise and know we are living in a fallen world, and there is deception everywhere. Look at the way media advises the society, …life has turned out to be about; who is more sexy, more handsome, who has most admirers, who is what and all sorts of fantasies and destroy good morals.

Fix Your Marriage

All these deprive the moral fabric and there is so little you can do to control your spouse from conceiving these misleading illusions. They are allover and in fact they’re forcing their way into our minds. While traveling you see adverts of naked people promoting products. On TV,hardly a minute passes by without a confusing advert and so on and forth…

There is no need to take someone’s life when you find they are cheating on you. Just look for a less risky solution that will not put you into colliding with law. So if the issue cannot be resolved, just leave them or seek for separation(divorce if need be, though it’s not the best option).

Simply understand that what they’ve done is a costly act and life has a way of punishing that. They cannot escape the wrath of mother nature, their conscience will never allow them to rest no matter what, only God can sort then out in terms of giving peace. May this never happen to anyone reading this. Big time. 

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