Is Pride Related to Stress in life?

Stress vs pride

Factually speaking, pride ranks as the highest source of stress in life, this is because it’s a mind issue just as stress is. So as to get things clearer, let’s get the actual meaning of the of the word stress and how is it linked to the strives you experience in life. We’ll also check how you can control the stress that steals peace and healthy mindfulness from your daily life.

Stress is a situation whereby the mind gets stuck into a state of worry. The worry comes fast and inhibits how the mind deals with thoughts and fantasies, so that it’s ability to solve issues is suffocated. Now, how does pride comes in? See, pride is an inordinate perception of things. It lies to your brain that life should be this and that. And if fully allowed, pride will control your feelings and quality of life.

Pride wants big things to happen, life to run smoother, issues to solve quickly and life to just be wonderful. See, pride will propose this to the brain, and the brain accepts them. However, if things don’t go as the per this proposal, that’s where worry creeps in and stress follows. And that’s why you’ll see a financially stable fellow stressed yet they have what the poor admires and think is medicine to stress.

Stress only comes in when you don’t get something that you thought you deserve. Otherwise you can’t worry over something that you surely know, understand and actively perceive it’s a privilege. Now, here are the 2 most ideal way to deal with worry in life, and prevent it from being converted into stress:

#1.Understand what demands to go for and what not to dwell on.
Okay, it is good to fast understand that there is a healthy level of stress in life, and that can’t be avoided. This is one that makes us solve issues in our environment. But there is another stress that hacks the brain functioning and makes it somehow retarded. All these,(healthy stress and unhealthy stress) comes as demand signal from feelings, physical needs and economic demands.

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It is important that you learn to analyze the demands in your mind(thoughts), what to dwell on and what to shed-off and move on. Don’t allow to be hijacked by any passing by thought that crosses your mind in form of pride. Always remember, feelings can create “needs”. NOTE: I put “needs” in quotes because they are actually fake needs (in fact this is pride in form of needs), that only come to trouble and stress you up.

For instance, you could be having a severe flu, but your mind proposes that you should get well immediately…Solution: make it aware that healing or getting back to normal is a process, don’t embrace the idea but follow experience of things, and how they usually happen.

#2. Deal with fear
The problems that stresses you (also everyone and me included) are born from fear( and fear is another expression of pride…!) want to know how? Simple, we all fear to fail, fear of what people think of us, fear of loosing weight, fear of the weather, fear of rearing children, fear of passing or failing exams, fear of, fear of, and fear of… All these kinds of fear create worry that gives birth to stress in the long run.

So how can one deal with fear? It’s a good question that almost everybody in this world would want an answer. However, the answer is simple and just within reach for everyone: simple: define your fears.

See, you cannot avoid fear since it’s a natural mechanism that helps to keep us vigilant, all you should do is embrace and define it’s purpose. For instance fear of failure simply means you are proud and not ready to be low, fear of what people think, simply means we think we are more special (unrealistically) and therefore not ready to take up criticism. Which means that pride, right-away invites stress.

So every time you feel stressed, just know that it’s because you are not ready to accept a situation. You are fighting with pride and it makes you think and feel that things are not alright. It important to note that we can’t control everything and that life is generally painful to everybody in this world. Improve on what you can, change situations if you can but don’t stress around doing nothing. And if there’s completely nothing do for a situation, persevere and concentrate on what important in life.    

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  1. Great write-up! Your insights about pride are exactly what I had not been understanding about my anxieties. I will be sharing this with so many who've confided in me that they struggle with the same. Keep up the good work.

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