How to Smartly Cope with a Teasing Marriage Partner

Irritating partner

It’s important to understand that to some people, teasing is uncontrollable. It’s habit that they grow up with. In fact it’s important that you accept they have a problem. However, the sad thing is, such people don’t accept that they need any help. In fact the best thing is to just know it in your heart and device ways to cope with them. Especially in marriage, you must learn to accept your partner if he/she is of this caliber.

It is also necessary to note that they can change as they advance in age, so it could be a temporary habit that you need to cope with. Please note my emphasis: Understand how a “teaser” behaves but don’t dwell in their actions. Just know what to expect and how to cope up, but don’t spent your life trying to change a person. So, what’s there to expect from such a character;

#1. Irritating questions
A teasing marriage partner asks questions just to irritate you, they do it on purpose to control your emotions and reactions. So if you are hot tempered, its easy to do regrettable things. He/she will ask you questions with obvious answers, just to ignite you. SOLUTION to this: Since you know what they want and where they are going, don’t light up, don’t allow your feelings to be manipulated.

This is achievable by calmly answering the question using the fewest words possible. Don’t resist the poke, just shift the subject with snakish wisdom. …See, if you suspect some sort of manipulation, don’t allow your emotions to be hijacked since it may lead you into stress. Work smart and avoid issues!

#2. Bad Looks
Have ever realized that you can be negatively teased by a bad look? In fact this is very pron in most marriages. And just to be brutally honest, wifes do it best( although even men give irritating looks). Without this knowledge you may assume that your partner is not good, or has started some sort of hatred towards you… See, as earlier mentioned, most of “teasers” don’t even have a clue that they are irritative. What they are trying to do is passing a message of what is in their heart.

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May be he/she dislikes an idea but since they don’t know a honorable way to deliver the message, you may see extreme disapproval on the face. SOLUTIONS: Don’t look at the actions, just understand that its their way of disagreeing. If you concentrate on the face you’ll feel not appreciated. Accept that he/she has their own to express choice. So, if you can execute the idea without causing strives in the marriage life, go ahead!

Okay, there are many real life examples that can be given solutions to, but the most important thing is having the idea on how you can smartly cope with a teasing partner in marriage. Simply have a pre-thinking session with yourself and workout how you can manage things smartly.  

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