Does Everybody really have Problems Like You? – :Fear V’s stress in life

Fear vs stress

You may wonder to realize that everybody around you go through the same mental strives and stress as you do. We all have pressing issues and that’s inevitable, irregardless of age, economic status, level of education, kind of religion and environment we come from, nobody can claim to be immune to life problems. Up and downs are simply a gift by mother nature to all of as.

Knowing that everybody has their own issues should ease the pressure of stress you feel in life. Accept that live is designed to be that way and you’ll have brighter days ahead. Moreover, knowing how to handle fear in life is a great skill that can help reduce worry and make you better while dealing with what you have to deal with.

Note this: Everybody fears what the future holds, fear of reputation, fear of loosing a family member through death, fear of infidelity in marriage, fear of financial instability, fear of speaking in public, fear of failure, fear of success, and so on and so forth. All these are things things that have great power to induce stress in a life.

Can fear be avoided, or you ask, dear writer do also feel scared by these “life-hot-lines”? Oh, the answer is yes… Am also human, and can’t deny that. However, Over the years I’ve learned to deal with fear and stress in life. I realized that fear breeds stress and that most people, me included, fall into the trap. A simple thing like how people think of you can crash your heart, leave alone being shamed on TV by a bunch of cruel journalists.

See, you may find yourself spending lots of time try to impress everybody just because you fear how your image is published in another person’s mind. Okay, it not a bad thing, but, why allow that to steal your self-confidence?. Fearing people will only make you a helpless “people-pleaser,” you become a slave to those people’s interest. And you may not be able to do what’s really required by nature.

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In fact fearing people is like locking yourself into jail of pleasing the people around. This may makes you change your behaviour and appear controllable to everybody including those who are weaker than you, just as one president puts it; “fear will make your weak enemies feel tempted to scare you.”

However even with that saying, even the same president is faced with fears on a daily basis. And since nobody is special, here is what will help you deal with all the fears in life. It’s a perfect and working technique that you don’t need to buy. Simple: accept and work on fear. So how do you do that?

The fast step to deal with a fear that brings stress in life is analyzing it. Don’t run away from it, but try to be sober. If you fear how people take you concerning your weight, -is it a healthy form of fear _or a destructive one. Is the fear pushing you to improving your health or discouraging. Weigh the fear, and if you find it possibly helpful, embrace it for the benefic of your inner being – not purposely to please people.

Then there is this fear of failure, this a bad and destructive form of fear as it makes you feel scared of trying. It’s a kind that wants you to give-up. Don’t embrace such a fear, just analyze it and seek for way to encourage yourself. To wipe it off, you can deep your mind into inspirational staffs such as quotes or motivational books.

And finally, there is the fear of things that you can’t control. This is a very dangerous form of fear as it easily breeds stress and has also affected a larger population. It’s the fear of the past, future and death. It not easy to control what happened, what will happen and the type of death that will come your way.

We are all blind of tomorrow and we should accept that. The only solution to this is to accept that we are humans and that we are temporary in this world. Also, make the mind understand that, what is gone is gone, future is privilege and the only way to influence it is doing what we ought to do everyday. Fear is natural but you have the power to control the amount of stress it tries to bring in your life.     

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  1. Your ideas are mind opening and has a great sense of offering relief. Thank you!

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