Do you Exactly Know what makes You Feel Offended…?

Feel offended

He he he … Wonders ooh! Did you ever know that the people who appear more friendly, and harmless to you are, are indeed the happiest when you are in trouble or a challenging situation? Ha ha … And this can makes you feel as if the heart wants to burst with rage, the feeling is like someone touching the softest tissues in the neuron system and the message of betrayal is so loud in the brains… So how can you handle such nonsense to avoid the “feel-extremely-offended scar from remaining fresh even after years.

Okay, one thing I want you to understand, is, the feeling is an emotional battle and you have to fight and overcome it. Life is generally about overcoming, you have to learn to leave above human offence. See, you can’t really avoid conducts with people that will hurt or offend you, that’s almost next to impossible. So the best way is having some necessary tips that will help to always pre-detect the things that has direct and exact power to make you feel offended.

1.Accept to understand people
For one its is important that you understand and accept the fact that people can’t help but often offend you. It’s in their nature and you have to live with that fact. So no matter how much they try not to offend you but it’ll just happen. The best thing is to understand that everybody has their point of view in life and that’s the reason for collisions. 

You often feel offended because you’ve not set your heart to expect it. See, as much as we are humans, cases of one offending another remain part of life. So you have to start practicing the art of letting go. In fact to be wise is to understand people and knowing their both sides. Simply acknowledge that a human being has two sides, the bad and good side. And there can never exist one with only the good side.

3.Know that people do change
Today you could be in very good relationship, everything is well, you think it’s heaven and nothing will ever change. That’s a lie, and a bad one in fact. Despite how supportive, caring or even sacrificial your marriage partner or friend may seem today, just know they can change any time. The simple knowing of it can help feel less offended when they think otherwise or do something offensive to you.

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4.Keep it to yourself
We often think that everybody should and must feel happy for our success, okay that ought to be the case but it’s not how things go. There are those including the dearest of heart that will never want your success. In fact what they want is for you to remain in the same level with them or even below. You can simply help your heart by not feeling offended by such folks. Just ignore their compliments and do what you must do. Keep the things you want to achieve as personal and not public agendas.

It’s important to note that, the people offending you are themselves trapped in a hurting-mode, confusion or pain. And they are in a way trying to resolve their internal issues. The truth is they actually lurk understanding over their actions. someone with good understanding knows that you can’t hurt, offend or cause pain to another person without feeling the same.  

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