Married to an Arrogant Spouse? Here’s The Perfect way to Cope with that kind of Stress

Coping with arrogance in marriage

Arrogance is a serious issue in any relationship and can become more irritating when it emanates from either of the couples in the marriage set-up. Its potential to cripple a relationship can be likened to cancer, as it is a disease that eats the emotional fabrics of marriage.

The affected partner is exposed to stings that go directly to the heart which in return gives birth to stress. However, with below tips you can cope with the situation and raise the level of happiness in your house.

Let’s first analyze the origin of arrogance

What do you think led your spouse to develop suchlike a character? This kind of question can help you learn allot, and you may end even feeling sorry when you realize its a problem he/she can’t control. In most cases, arrogance is a protective adaptation.

To people with low self-confidence, they’ll use arrogance to catch their spouse’s attention. Whereby unknowingly the receiving partner may end-up feeling sad or stressed and this could transpire to real trouble in such a marriage.

Fix Your Marriage

What the ailing spouse fails to understand is, the arrogant partner needs help. They don’t do that without a reason, it could be an adopted lifestyle to secure emotional safety. OR, a response from your behavior as in, you trigger the habit. For example, if a wife realizes that the hubby is less caring and slow to necessary actions, she may unknowingly become confronting, controlling and arrogant due to stress. It’s a sign of fear exhibited in that form. 

In other cases, the arrogance you see in your marriage could be a sign of revenge. Maybe you’ve been hard or stressing your fiancee, and he/she wanted an explanation but you never paid attention. Could be they are disciplining or trying to pass the message, though in a hard way. Yes, the problem could be that simple! Research has proved that what causes stresses in marriage are often very simple and manageable issues.

With that said, so how can you personally deal or even eradicate the stress brought by arrogance from your marriage? It simple, just put the below new knowledge into action and flavor it with commitment to achieve your liberty in the situation;

#1. Self-awareness

This is a critical foundation for enhancing emotional maturity in the relationship. Understand who you are, and your role in that marriage. Measure your level of maturity and also that of your partner to see the places that need amendments. As said earlier, arrogance is often associated with what your partner feels about you, a situation, or even a third party. So, could you be contributing in any way, that’s to say check on your actions, attitude and the treatment you offer.  Correct where necessary and explain what you can’t handle.

#2. Improve on Listening skills

Do you give enough attention to your partner by constructive listening? That means, allowing your fiances to talk while you keenly give an ear until he/she is satisfied. When giving counseling advice to couples who lack this skill, the problem often comes out clearer. You notice how impatient they become to one other, and this is often a cause of stress in such a marriage. Create a habit of listening even when your partner is saying nonsense, this allows mindfulness and one can become cautious when he/she realizes someone is keen on every word.

#3. Open-up

It’s more dangerous to keep the pain, you better open up and tell your fiance that you no longer enjoy the arrogance exhibited in that marriage. Explain how it’s making you stressed and don’t mind about the reaction, just stick to what you mean with respect. At fast, you may get some poor response, but show what you meant with calmness and simplicity.

Don’t shout at first, just talk it out with confidence and determination while avoiding any form of argument that may birth an arrogant attitude. A calm but firm voice will make your partner consider being mature before answering. The stress you see in your marriage is just there for you to work it out!

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