Is Seeking Simplicity the Roadmap to Wiping-out Marriage Life Stress?

Dealing with marriage stress

Well this could be the solution to that ailing marriage! In fact, simplicity does not only work wonders in marriage, it also has a track record to increasing joy in an individuals life. It’s a life style that assures great happiness when well used. So in this case, how do we define simplicity in marriage and how is it associated to stress eradication? Let’s get things out clear…

See, simplicity is a logical idea of mentally simplifying problems to get solutions without really allowing stress to dominate your thinking capacity. It’s about taking the negatives that life offers and working them to our own advantage. In the case of marriage life, it’s about developing emotional simplicity and stability. Or in a more simpler term; avoiding complicated feelings that make marriage life hard. See, what brings stress even in the general life is instability of the mind, whereby doubts encroach and dominates a person’s understanding ability to make things appear complicated, and unsolvable.

You can’t just be stressed within a minute, an issue must bother you for sometimes that’s for it to evolve into stress. Either a day, a moth or even a year. In reality stress only developes when it is given chance or allowed to build-up, meaning time must be spent. When the mind complicates a situation, this when a disturbing thought is given birth to, and if given time and attention, it then transforms to stress. Now, let’s come to marriage life, and see how simplicity can be that road map to minimizing stress in your relationship.

(1) Simplifying the future
This is an outstanding tip that has really helped me all my life. Honestly, am one of those people whom life was not really soft with. I begun my life journey on extremely unfavorable grounds whereby I saw atrocities between dad and mam. It was always war time, and that gave me an eye of simplicity! Have you ever thought of simplifying a situation, even before it happens? Well you should be doing it!

For one, there is no doubt that issues will arise in marriage despite what you’ve already gone through. So, since you know what you expect, make your brain to take it as a simple common problem that happens to every human. Stop magnifying the tomorrow that you’ve not even reached to live, but instead just accept that everything will be and has always been fine.

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Okay, you fear that divorce may one day knock at the door, your spouse may change, the burning love may never come back, there isn’t enough compatibility in the marriage, and so on… All this come only to stress you. While in reality,  you have control over them, simply accept the fact that all will be well!

(2) Simplify your partner’s weakness
There can never be a perfect partner in this world. In fact no human can make a perfect spouse, even those you see in movies have their own weak points!!! So discover this and don’t allow your partner’s weaknesses to overwhelm you. Simply take it as part of life: and off-course it should be that way! For instance if your partner gets angry fast, don’t scorn him or her, just bear with it and find ways to avoid scenarios that can offend him/her.

(3) Simplify your emotions
It doesn’t matter what your partner does, if you just learn to simplify your emotions, you will enjoy marriage life and wipe-out stress completely. Don’t allow confusing feelings that just want to make you wild at heart…. Okay, there is no denial that some situations can be extraordinary tough, but what do you think makes them that huge? … It’s all in the mind, you take it big, it appears overwhelming. And on the other hand, you take a situation lightly, it will appear manageable.     

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