How to Develope your Emotional Intelligence Rapidly

Develope emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is now one of the most valued skills in the society today, people who’ve mastered this, fall into the lucky lot of easily getting favors from all arenas of life. Be it at the work place, family set up, and anywhere where leadership is involved, they are the most preferable candidate.

It is the topmost character trait that adds value to an individuals potential and capabilities. This type of intelligence can make you sit, mingle and associate with people without denting your integrity and social image. And that’s why its important to rapidly develope emotional intelligence, and make it part of your personality.

So what is emotional intelligence? …It refers to the ability to decently manage your emotions while dealing with yourself and other people. Those with this skills record high productivity at the work place, better handling of issues in the family, and outstanding relationships in the society at large. It is a learn-able skill but to a few individuals, it comes naturally.

All research papers that have so far been conducted show that emotional intelligence ranks way higher beyond intellectual intelligence when it comes leadership abilities and productivity. In fact these allegations are practicably correct, and even a simple example right here can prove it to you. Okay, lets see one example, a highly tempered boss is more likely to increase stress onto his workforce hence reducing productivity. The way such a manager expresses his/her feelings will have a direct impact on the social relations in the company and may hinder the development of other important skills suck as team work.

Factually speaking, developing your emotional intelligence adds value to your personality and it can open doors that even good academic papers can’t. The skill makes you a better manager and in fact it enable you to manage people and situations better than those with higher educational background. So how can one learn this skill in a more rapid or accelerated tone?

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Okay here are the practicle answers that definitely guarantees you success for developing your emotional intelligence;

1.)Following footsteps of those who’ve got it
Identify the people around you, measure their emotional intelligence by how they react on both their feelings and those of others. Now since your want to develope your personality, take time to learn from those with higher social intelligence. Ape their way of tackling anger, work-pressure and discouraging occurrences. Naturally everyone would like to have this skill but those with persistence always adopts it very rapidly. And the good thing is, the skill is contagious. 

2.)Stay around people with higher emotional intelligence.
By surrounding yourself with such people, your chances of sharpening your social skills increase by 79percent. Reason being, humans are designed to adopt to the confining environment. In fact this is a great way, and I can guarantee it will work for you.

3.)Reading books along that line
Load your brain with literatures about emotional intelligence. Go for the books and websites that cover the topic to allow it sink into your brain. While doing this, it is good to understand the worth of having this skill and it will definitely accelerate your ability to capture the idea.

4.)Ask feedback
Pick some friends that you know can be brutally honest with you, and ask them to rate you in terms of emotional intelligence and self-control. Don’t shy off if they rate your lowly but purpose to develop your persona alongside this skill based on the feedback. You can consider people like your marriage partner, workmate, schoolmate, dom-mate or anybody who’s closer and familiar with your behavior. It is easier for people who already know you to measure and recommend on your progress than newer friends.

5.)True commitment of putting new knowledge into action rapidly
Value the importance and necessity of getting higher emotional intelligence and work for it. Spare reasonable time on daily basis to evaluate your commitment for converting the new knowledge into your personality. This is simple, and can be achieved within a short time, since you just need an extra sense of monitoring and nurturing your emotions.

…To just be frank with you, I have realized that my journey to developing a stronger, stable and higher emotional intelligence is more rewarding than running after intellectual intelligence. It adds more happiness to life, family and has also opened doors that academic papers could not. To sum it all, the skill is just amazing!

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