Coping with Stress: Pure and Proven Techniques that Works for Anybody

Cope with stress

Aha! You must have come across lots of headlines that promise ways for coping with stress especially in this current financially constrained world. But, the brutal truth is, you know these things, only that they aren’t sensitive enough in your subconscious to help you effectively deal with stress. Yes, I mean that! You have all it takes to rule and cope with stress at all areas of your life.

These techniques Am sharing out here are top notch! And will help you reduce your dependency on people like marriage counselors, stress counselors and the so called life management counselors. Coping with stress is an adaptive mechanism that once you master it, everything becomes clearer in your mind. You understand when to cry and when to move forward, what to worry about, what you can’t change, what needs attention, when to let go, and what to let go.

Lets take a real life example… We all go to sleep, okay? So why should you sleep yet there is no guarantee that you’ll wake up the following day? See, you don’t care about waking up, yet sleeping is just like being half dead. When asleep, anything can go wrong, the house can burn down through an electric fault, someone might suffocate you, the thieve might come… but all these cannot bar you from falling asleep! See…? Aha this is the reason, your brain is adopted to not care about it, otherwise you won’t ever dare risk to close an eye.

Let’s be more open and realistic, when served with a meal either at home or in a restaurant, you don’t send the food to the lab to be tested for possible poisoning… In fact the pangs of hunger wouldn’t even allow that, the brain automatically turns on the don’t care button” and off course this works under normal circumstances. It’s an automated body functioning that inhibits worry and so you can easily cope with such a stress.

What makes us not care about the obvious is adaption. Or in simpler terms, it is because the brain got used to dealing with such worries. Lets highlight another top example, a small baby get’s worried when trying to walk. Practically the baby will see people walking but still worry about its safety when learning to walk upright. On the other hand, the same baby is not stress but seen laughing when tossed into the air by the father. Why? the baby’s mind is still learning to cope with what really matters. 

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This is what happens even to us adults, we worry and are stressed with things that don’t really matter. We take lots of time time stressing and worrying about tomorrow, what will happen to the government, about the medical report, losing wait, gaining weight and so on, yet we don’t take any action to either counter the happening or control what needs to be controlled. We simply take lightly the things and actions that can help us cope with the lingering stress. We avoid to play our part.

The body has its own way of coping with stress, but the problem comes in when we practically interfere with its process. Want to know how? Okay let’s be practicle… You sleep late, you sleep with lights on, you spent so much time trying to please others rather than paying attention to being mindful etc. Lacking mindfulness in your daily routine can make you fail to effectively cope with the stress of life…. See my tactics bellow.

I use these principle and they’ve helped me to effectively cope with stress in life;
1) Accepting that life is generally unfair
2) Plan my day ear enough to avoid confusion that can bring strain
3) Sleep early to wake up early
4) Avoid people who try to devalue my morals
5) Say no when it’s necessary and I don’t regrate it

Okay, am not perfect and don’t wish to be, so am not bragging because of my hard learned habits for coping with stress. I am just trying to share an experience that can make your life more happier…. And on top of it all, learn to be mindful in everything you do, rather than creating avenues that breed stress. Big time.

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