Who’s Responsible in Reducing Marriage life stress

Stress in marriage

Research shows that ladies are the most vulnerable to suffer stress in a humiliating marriage life. They are emotional beings and this makes them overwhelmed when things go astray. Yes, the research has may proves and can be termed perfect bearing the fact that ladies play the biggest role in any relationship. However, who brings such stresses in the relationship and how can you reduce the occurrences?

It’s wise to understand the origin analyze whether the sources can be shuttered, controlled or tamed. So who brings the disturbing issues between you and your partner?

1. Could be you
Ooh my, just pressed the wrong button by mentioning you, and you want to switch off from reading down? …The wise say, look at the coin both sides before acting. Yes, don’t mind we’ll analyze the other side. So how could this be? Eeeeeh humans have a nature and it’s impossible to control or even change that. 

For instance, men like to be kings. They’ve a habit of wanting to be adored and this is natural. Okay there are those few who are different and there is no need wanting your man to be them. The real problem comes when you want to convert him into what you think is good. So, when he fails to conform, the standard you set remains in the mind and developes into stress. You begin thinking he is a mistake in the relationship.

You keep on hoping that the day he will understand what you want in that marriage life, the stress will be wiped out. Over-expecting; this is what kills marriages and you don’t want yours to die. The plain fact is, you can leave with your partner exactly how he is and be happy. Set the standards but don’t let them control the level of happiness in your marriage.

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2. Finances
It’s known that some marriages end up breaking because of financial constrains. Now you are in that marriage life, full of stress because of sufficiency. SIMPLE, the stress is self-made. It’s who’ve invited it, you don’t live because of sufficiency, and you shouldn’t allow it to dominate your marriage. Stress is an intruder who’s been given the lions share. So why allow it to rule while you can jot it out!

3. Children
I was observing the lifestyle of a longterm friend, they have a kid and now instead of enjoying the their marriage life and the gift. They’ve often gotten into strains and stress because of the kid. They both love the kid that they cant punish it. They’re are both stuck into seeing the kid misbehave. Literally, this is a matter of choice, you decide to punish the kid and avoid future stress or assume and send a scandalous invitation of gross misconduct. 

See, I can go on and on but the plain truth is, most of stress in marriage are human-made. Just look around and figure out your contribution. How much have you contributed to the existence of that stress. Do you think towards making things simple or complicated? Are you a solutions or the problem?

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