Unquenchable Desires vs. Personal Growth

Unquenchable desires

A short simple story… A friend of mine once told me something that enlightened my mind and it gave me rest in life in reference to all that I own. He said, ” When I felt the desire to marry, I went to great extends wanting to get the best and most beautiful girl my eyes could see. Luckily I found one, stayed with her and now I am worried!” The statement gave me some food for thought about personal growth. 

Yes, I won’t hide about knowing his wife… True, she is beautiful and can make any lose-man salivate. Thank God the topic of personal growth was within me and I wouldn’t be tempted. Do you know why this young man was forever worried? I’ll tell it out right here: the beauty of the wife! Other men showed great interest in her, the rich, the perfectly-masculine-guys, the highly educated and even the poorest of men.

When walking with his wife he has to bear with the pain of another man salivating after her. Oh my… He is now full of regrets for having picked a beautiful wife. In fact he confesses it out that, “better an ugly wife because you don’t have to fight away the vultures”. Okay, it is the challenge that makes him think that way… But what if he had picked an ugly wife in the fast place? You know what, the story could be…, “it’s better to marry a beautiful and satisfying wife” the personal growth lesson that you need to pick here is that humans are never satisfied.   

So, how many times have you ever desired to have something opting it will quenched the lust in your heart? Off-cause many…  however, to make your life simpler and with less stress, don’t ever expect 100percent fulfillment in anything. If you buy a classic vehicle today, know that it’ll only make you feel good for sometimes before higher version of it rolls-out. Set your mind to personal growth by controlling your mind desires. Don’t let them lead you, be realistic in every action and only execute it out of purpose.

In the real sense, you are okay with what you have; you don’t need a shorter or taller husband to feel married! It’s just an unquenchable desire, and you don’t have to embrace it. However you can decide to wipe away the stresses that accompany such desires. It’s a personal growth thing, it’s about you and how you cope with a desire. Don’t die wishing for horses to ride on… live a realistic life.

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