Top 2 Quickest Ways of Eradicating Stress in Marriage Life

Marriage life stress

You wonder what the hell you’re doing in that marriage, things are not what you opted for. He or she doesn’t care about joy, peace nor emotional health in the relationship. You think it’s a compatibility issue since you don’t fit into one another…The dreams of a happy family have started to sink into hell… Don’t worry, Here are 2 guaranteed ways to quickly eradicate stress from you marriage life.

Its the brutal truth that only a few wise people know, I am not charging to let you know so don’t despair. Grab your share… Okay!

#1. Behave like a snake
Huh? A snake? Yes, don’t think it’s typing error, that’s exactly am saying, and still in the same topic of eradicating stress in marriage life. How…? So let’s crack into the behavior of a serpent. See, snake is the wisest animal on eath. When it enters into a new zone, it fast takes some time to understand what’s going on in the surrounding. In fact, you can stay with it inside you house and fail to notice its presence.

It tries so much to blend with colors around even thought it doesn’t change color like a chameleon. The challenge of having less capability to change color like a chameleon is not an issue to “doctor” snake, is simply looks around to find the color that is just closer to its skin for camaflour. It takes time to discover its self, its color and environment. Have you taken time to sturdy the stress in the marriage life you are in?

In the mind of a snake, it very well knows that it’s a serpent but does not show off. One thing that brings stress in marriage life is pride. In fact, its the biggest enemy of all marriage on eath. Pride, pride, pride. It makes makes partners disregard each others emotional well being. It makes you feel important and that your partner should do everything to value that. You can’t be contented if pride is what dominates the relationship.

Fix Your Marriage

Advise… Know your worth, but lay low like a snake. Could be you got into marriage life without taking time to study your partner and this is what brings the stress because there is no compatibility. Compatibility issues doesn’t need to translate into divorce, first try modification! Which means, taking time to learn how you can survive and convert that marriage into a happy communion. IN SIMPLE TERMS: STUDY YOUR PARTNER!

#2. Know when to act  
Most strifes that emerge in marriage life is because of poor timing. There is always the time to do things. For instance, if you want something executed in the family, know when it is right to demand. You can’t just marry and want everything to workout smooth immediately, there is growth time and you must accept that.

These growth time  include things like; developing trust, knowing each others past, setting goals, testing one another and so on… You cannot just bump into each other and begin to demand for children or unconditional love, or unquestioned trust. No. No, no, marriage life is simply a school, you learn as you move on. So if you quite, you’ve quite school. You think am too hard on you? Not really.

Every marriage life has challenges. Nobody is immune to this, but you can eradicated stress with these above mentioned tips. I have used them and they work. I’ve also shared with some couples, especially those at the brink of separation and almost all of them resulted to keep  cool in the same marriage. Yes, you can do it without stress!

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