The Stress of a Prideful In-law

In-law stress

Naturally an in-law is meant to be someone who is friendly, reliable, trustworthy, care-giving and welcoming. This is a reality to some families but not all. And if you’re in the circle of the lucky few, then you should not miss heaven because you are living in a supported world. But if not, you are not dead and can still cope with a stressing, prideful in-law.

So what actions make you think your in-law is prideful? These are some of the sampled reasons and their immediate answers…

1. Bad looks
This is the most commonly reported issue when couples to in-law stories are analyzed. Most people in marriage complain that the mother, father, brother or sister to the partner is offering bad looks to them. Solution: don’t concentrate, be wise not to worsen the gap and keep your heart and feelings safe by believing in yourself. Why should you bother by just a look? 

2. Luck of recognition
Whether in family gatherings or even personal conducts, a prideful in-law may find it hard to recognize you; this is common to many people. So, you don’t have to worry, in fact avoid expecting to be recognized since the lack of it will not break any of your bones. Adopt a self-satisfied personality, mind your business, and off-cause do it with wisdom.

3. Sarcasm
Prideful in-laws like to be sarcastic; I can say it’s a problem they can’t help except with divine intervention. So expect this and play wise. Stop wasting your energy stressing yourself, you are not married to your in-law, only do what is within your rich to maintain a good relationship but don’t stress beyond that. You can’t please everybody, if your husband or wife is happy then move forward with life.

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4. Name calling
This was there from since time in memorial, you didn’t open the chapter neither will be last to suffer name calling. However you can decide not to pay attention. It is also not a wise idea to revenge, because once you revenge the prideful in-laws will have a better point to attack you. Nothing they call you will stick on your face so move on… That’s not a reason enough to just give away your love.
5. Unreasonable harshness
Hay…! I was about to forget this point but that would have made the article incomplete… Don’t find reasons as to why your in-laws are so furious and harsh to you. As early said this is common to many families, only know how to cope with their pride. The simplest explanations is, they are prideful and hence can stress you. Don’t allow the sickness of stress to creep into your marriage due to harshness from in-laws, avoid their stings by concentrating with the wellbeing of your marriage.

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