Quick Way to Hark your Partner’s Mind: Marriage life made simple- “No to stress”

Stress-free marriage life

You wonder what he or she could be thinking regarding the relationship, could there be someone else in that mind. Am I playing my cards perfect, will the marriage survive or will you be hurt again. I’ll share some wise tips to capture your partner’s mind-set and make them respect the relationship.

Let’s first be realistic to life…
Nature made life to be hard so that we can come up with solutions. Marriage life is challenging at all levels and it’s your responsibility to simplify it and make it enjoyable. However this becomes extremely hard when we don’t understand the principle of life. Which is quite clear and self explanatory: problems come to be solved and the more you solve them the more wiser you become!

So instead of worrying and stressing around, think on how to solve the issues under your nose. Stress is nothing but nothing, it’ll not solve any marriage life challenge, you need to get answers. Make things work out don’t wait! Seek ways to improve your relationship even if it means to hark you partners mind. 

So how can you hark your marriage life and have full control over it? …Simple, go into your partners mind and pick the most probable frequent of thoughts. This doesn’t mean you become manipulative, but smart. In fact, be wise like a serpent but gentle like a dove. Understand the HEART AND MIND of your partner, and identify the direction of your marriage life.

This is how… To know your partner more, master his/her words. Which words are common and what comes from their mouth. The good book says, from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Now ask yourself, what’s your influence on what your partner speaks at most times. Is your marriage life full of complaining, stress and strife? Do have a direct hand in all that?

Fix Your Marriage

How can you purposefully create joy by making his or her way of thinking less stressful and positive instead of complaining? For instance, if your partner likes to complicate simple issues, how can help out in a wise way. Can you help them see a problem in its actual size, rather than its magnified size? Can you help them minimalize shouts and complaints? Can you hark into his or her mind and make them realistic? Such questions, when worked-upon, will guarantee you a stress free marriage life. 

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