Prideful friends: Smart and Easy ways to cope with them

Uncontrollable pride

Friends are good and in fact there is a saying that highlights friends as assets. Yes, they are our valuables just as owning a house, phone or even your clothes. A friendless life can be quite tough and can lead to loneliness and stress. This leaves us with no other better option than having them in our lives. However, the same people that we refer to as our buddies can be quite burdensome especially when they posses uncontrollable pride in their set of behaviors.  

Pride is the number one friendship killer and you should try to control it, if you are the problem. But, I hope you are not the problem here. With the tips that am sharing, you’ll be able to keep even the most pride-stricken friends as long as you are getting some value in that relationship. As I told you, buddies are assets. Hence, you don’t want to lose important assets just because they are not well behaved.

So what smart ways can help you cope with prideful friends?

1. Know they are sick but don’t be the doctor
Pride is more than a disease, it is an extreme illness of the heart and mind and the problem is, those overtaken by it never accept any treatment. They think they are more well and stable than everybody around. So don’t be the doctor because you may end up more frustrated.

The best way to cope with a prideful friend is to avoid any form of strife and competition. You don’t have to break your “profitable” relationship because of winning a mare argument. Let then win the debate as long as you know what’s right. Don’t allow your behavior to be infected by their pride but instead focus on what really matters.

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2. Know what really matters
You might be sharing a common interest in life, let’s say a business or family link. Now here is the question, will you break the co-relation because the friend is full of pride and that the behavior nags you? Off-course not, consider the benefits! Know what really matters and assume the rest. If you cannot avoid such a character, then assume him diplomatically. Don’t let his stinky words dominate your feelings; decide to stick to the reason for your friendship.

3. Wise Un-friending
If you really care and off-course you should, be realistic and analyze the possible benefits of that communion. Off-course not every friendship can be substantial; there are those few prideful friends that you can chop-off from your list. But do this with lots of soberness; don’t create a bad gap with a friend because of emotions. Yes, they’ll upset you but that doesn’t mean blocking them is the immediate choice. Just overlook the ill behavior and consider tomorrow’s benefits.

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