Post title Optimization: What Expert Bloggers never told you

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Post optimization

Let’s be direct to the point, you blog for two main reasons, wich are; offering quality information and getting readers. It’s a hard thing to blog and lack audience, some people say passion is the most essential element that keeps a writer. That’s true for a start, but when your site gets older, you start questioning if the daily recorded traffic is worth the efforts and time. But before it gets to that, blog title optimization is something you must work on to keep afloat in this competitive internet world.

2 Main functions of a post title, don’t dare publish on blog without these in mind!

1. Post Visibility
Ask yourself a simple question, is the article capable to attract the “eyes” of search engines?. And if not, how do you expect it to be found by readers. See, for something to be visible in the real world it must be attractive. Competition is high and you must raise the burner of your message higher to increase the chances of being picked by the search engines. Am talking about optimization of post title! Is the title searchable enough?

Way forward… Simple: include the keywords in the title. For example; the headline for this post you are reading begins, “post title optimization.” These are the keywords, meaning the search engine will provide this and many other great contents on this subject when someone requests. Also, it’s wise to let those keywords come among the five first words of the headline.

2. Attention
Now after successfully seducing the search engines eyes’ and can be sure of being found, now add some magic to your headline, make it attention grabbing. Create curiosity to make the reader want to peal off the appealing fruit, …something like; what expert bloggers never told you, or lose weight or die! Huh? You have to convince a reader to pick and click thro your post. Otherwise you can have all the blog and title optimization tactics applied yet get less readers.

Optimizing the blog, its template and the title is as important as having catchy titles for your post. This is what many expert bloggers will never tell. They’ll only encourage you to do the obvious which is good, but almost everybody is doing the obvious and you must standout from them!

What I’ve learned in my years of blogging… The experts you see outshine everyone else have something to offer and they do it in a smart way. Previously when I was a newbie, I did posts without any concern of title optimization which made me wonder about the limited traffic my blogs got. This is now my secret; visibility and attention are keys to successful blogging!

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