Marriage life Simplified – Operation: Wipeout stress

Marriage made simple

Taking marriage life with the simplicity it deserves can help you significantly reduce stress and increase happiness in your relationship. It’s just about knowing what you must know and how to use the right button. it’s not about lot’s of money, parties, or endless lists of friends, No it’s about the mind, priorities, and being realistic to each other.

Stop complicating your marriage life… Do you know why?
Research shows, many people have a tendency of complicating things and this has also dictated the destiny of relationships. Complicated relationships end up breaking without  substantial grounds, while those which survive become hell.

You’ll find mostly what brings stresses are simple “errors” or call them mistakes which are common. The negative experiences you see in your own marriage life are nothing new, they’re just repetition of what other marriages went thro’. Lack of finances, lack of off-springs, incompatibility, bad in-laws and so on… They’ve happened and will continue to happen in your marriage and other people’s as well. So, you don’t have to keep worrying

You feel your partner is not what you thought he/she should be, you’re not the first! So why captivate that feeling? Simply accept the fact that you both are humans. And humans were born to do mistakes! Or do you want to leave with an angle? Off-cause you’ll not really enjoy, since the angel will be tired of your incompleteness and mistakes. Marriage life is about accepting, and simplifying things for each other.

In a comparative research, a cow under zero grazing showed great interest to eat the grass outside the fence. Despite the richness, greenness and how appealing the grass inside the court was, the cow was desperate to eat outside the fence. This is the same with marriage life, we often think someone else is more satisfied than we are. Which is not true.

Fix Your Marriage

Yawning for what is outside makes things complicated, it makes you not to see the goodness of your partner. While in reality he/she is the best for you. May be the person you think could have made you happier is just like the outside grass. You forget to explore the value in your partner because of misplaced focus. ADISE: work on your mind, simplify your relationship, loosen your demands and only expect the reality.
In fact the best way to show love is embracing your partner’s weaknesses. Simply know that they can do any mistake, including the unspeakable sin. Yes, it is painful but I have to tell the truth. So since you can’t change that, it’s wiser to always maintain a good relationship to avoid leading the partner into temptations. Marriage life is ment for carrying each other’s burdens. Its your responsibility to make him or her frequently think of you, by being unconditionally friendly. 

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