How Simplicity Makes marriage life Happier and Less Stressful

Simplicity adds happiness

Life is simply about choices and you can decide to have a happier marriage if you choose to. It’s you who decides on the destiny of your relationship and not possessions, in-laws, education level, nor religion. -It’s not about the mistakes you did while choosing the spouse you are with, NO! It’s about choosing simplicity, self-motivation and being realistic. So how can you achieve that?

One thing I’ve discovered through research as well as the practical life is; humans tend to complicate things so as to believe life is okay. In a marriage set-up, you’ll find unrealistic norms that couples strive to meet only to end up in stress.  For example; strictness in dressing, biasness in implementation of ideas, or even unrealistic routines and demands from the community. All these end up robing happiness in a marriage and multiply stress.

Prove me right or wrong here…!

The father is the head right? Okay, that doesn’t mean he is immune to other house cores. The I-can’t-do-it boundaries you see are mere set ups to make life harder and complicated. Surely, must you help your wife during sickness alone? She also would like to sit and enjoy your cooking. And by the way she’s not a house help but a loverly companion to you.bsh, cook and even change diapers! simple. It’s  just helping your own wife.

Don’t complicate your relationship just because others are complicating theirs’. Set your mind to make things simpler for each other. Happiness in marriage is inventable, so seek for ways to ease the natural stress found in relationships by helping each other at all levels.

Fix Your Marriage

An old man once told me that I must take full responsibility over the destiny of my marriage life. And ever since, things work out better. I can’t lie that everything is perfectly right but things are not the way they used to be, simplicity has given us a happier relationship. Previously, I was buried in complications of perfection. The best way to put it is, I was stark in perfectionism, just as is the case with most of you. It took practice and reminding myself all the time that am responsible for the amount of happiness in my marriage.

Simplicity in marriage means setting your mind to see things in the simplest dimensions possible despite their natural complexity. For example, when there is some sort of quarrel, it’s important to have it in mind that, it’s just an occurrence and will soon be over. Instead of shouting and calling each other names, maintain sobriety and seek for emotional control. Simplify the situation, even if it means keeping off the matter for sometimes. Don’t allow it to give birth to stress, but focus on the future happiness of the marriage.

Find what your partner is complicating unknowingly and help them out by encouraging simplicity. Could be, he or she overthinks on problems and that’s not healthy. Open up his/her mind by simply alerting them on the behavior. Or if you see a weakness, such as not being able to say sorry, simply define to them what sorry implies to their personality, marriage and their personal level of happiness.

Its natural, that a simple pronunciation of the word sorry brings back happiness in marriage. So, if you do anything against the expected, the simplicity behind solving the problem is to say sorry. Don’t complicate things, because by doing so you’ll just deepen the stress and make things miserable. Saying sorry doesn’t make you’re inferior, in fact it shows how responsible you are in marriage and can strengthen your marital bonds.

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