How she Dragged me into Marriage Life

Marriage life

I hope this true story will help you stay in that marriage you’re currently in… I was in church offering my service as usual, then my eyes fell on this beautiful girl. She was always there, but that day was different. I saw something that never crossed my eyes, something exceedingly beautiful! She had everything that marriage life would require.

That look deposited the seed of love right into my heart, and I began battling with the mind to make it concentrate on the pastor but couldn’t. She was allover my subconscious, so I decided to start a talk after the service. Marriage life excitement rose within me as the pastor closed with a word of prayer.

But before I could reach to her, a friend came over and fixed me with some dialogue. I believed she must be from around and she’ll just reappear somewhere within the week or even the Sunday that followed, so the dialogue went on. But I was wrong, she vanished! Never returned to church. From the beginning of that year my mind was filled with questions about marriage life. And on seeing how she used to carry herself I knew she could make a wife.

Another Sunday passed and and now months begun to roll. She was nowhere around. I tried to ask my fellow male friends if anybody knew about her, but none was aware. She wasn’t outgoing as such and loved to keep her beauty to herself which made her unpopular to the men society. My be this is what kept her from early marriage life…. I can’t really tell?

My search for the type of girl I opted to explore marriage life with begun. I went out every evening, walked while darting my eyes on every girl with close resemblance but hopelessly returned sad. She was no where. I was living with a young brother in Christ, whom I tried to describe to him about the girl’s appearance to help in the search. Marriage life illusions grew bigger and nearly killed me.

Fix Your Marriage

There was a TV Soap Opra programmed for viewing from Mondays to Thursdays, It was called storm-over-paradise. It touched about marriage life, which blew my mind since the starrings’ character was more like “my” lost girl. It really got me engaged, especially how the actors had to fight just to be together. Life was cruel.

Three months down the line, my love for the lost girl escalated, I couldn’t switch her off my mind. I realized that I have to look for her. Nights lengthened, and the sunlight become useless, since it couldn’t point to where my girl was, the world became totally dark. Marriage life illusions chocked me and I become stupid for it.

Where our marriage life begun…
As the year ended, so did the burning love start to weaken, the hope to find her varnished slowly. One night I had a meeting with myself and agreed that life has to move forward, a voice from within convinced me to go to church for a new Year’s cross-over celebration. So I fetched for supper and we ate with my small brother in Christ.

23:00 hours clocked, we shut the door behind us, and set-off towards church. Then as we got closer, surprise! There she was, having alighted from a public service vehicle. I couldn’t take it in, I felt electrified, the love resurrected and my breath chocked. Ooh my! I owned her even thou she never knew. It was beyond the cat and cat dating game, “this is my wife and I’ll keep her for marriage life” I whispered to myself… More to come…
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2 most basic LOVE lessons before marriage life

(1). Know the type of girl you want to spend life with. Consider everything and strike a balance between her positive and negative habits. She must not be perfect, but as a human know that ups and down are ahead but it the intensity of the love before marriage that will keep you. Take for example, the force you apply to throw a stone is what will determine the far it will go.

(2).Don’t lose hope but focus on the positivity of life. Respect the odds and weigh them and see if they are enough to keep you off from marriage life, don’t force but wait and be realistic. Evaluate to see if the partner you’re courting will still be lovable during hard times. Yes, marriage is choice and it’s good you choose with you heart, mind and soul. Don’t rely on the mind alone because if you love with the mind you can’t wait for the right time(wedding time).

My marriage life is currently quite good, and I am not bragging. Yes, there are rocky times and I’ll share some, together with how things work out. One thing I discovered is that marriage is generally challenging and nobody is an expert enough to tame it. You’ll see couples in their 50th and 60th anniversary quarreling but they still live together. You also can live happily, it’s a matter of choice… If you wish, subscribe to get realtime updates on how you can better life and make it simpler in all areas!

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