Building Confidence while Coping with Financial Stress

Financial confidence vs. Stress

It has been discovered, great percentage of people lose confidence while in financial crisis. This comes as a result of a misconception about money in relation to personal growth. It’s a mindset issue, where they allow their lack of finances to define them, and this has caused havoc to today’s societies. 

Lack of money is common and shouldn’t rip-off your confidence, you just have to adjust to the fact, and maintain your confidence if you’re to remain productive. Yes, advice from professionals on the topic of coping with financial stress  is allover, but the brutal truth is, it’s very hard to overcome anything with low confidence. No short-cut, accept that the crisis you’re in, is a passing cloud. This is simple logic!

so what simple ways can help you build confidence while coping with financial stress?

1. Ignore the disire that claime to be a need
Yes, do that! …Or what change can you make by stressing around? You’ve already planned, strategized, borrowed loans just to stay confident financially, but still you feel incomplete without fulfilling that desire… The desire could be; an expensive house, a high-class computer, posh car… etc. But  let’s be realistic, aren’t you still alive even without those things? -Simple, ignore what is ignorable, don’t let a simple “want” still your confidence. The tip can help you to avoid the prosses of coping with financial stress as you’ll have avoided stress in the first place.

2. “Shop wisely”
Off-cause you’ve heard this numerous times… the question is, have it changed your life or do you steel have to struggle coping with financial stress? Simple and clear, shop wisely and you’ll gain your financial confidence. Set up a budget plan and simply stick to it. Don’t confuse your mind, you don’t have to buy everything in the world. Life is that simple, or do you want me to stretch out this paragraph trying to lie to you? That I won’t, ha ha ha…

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3. Look back
Life is about experience, how many times have you hard a strong desire to buy something but didn’t due to financial limitations? I bet many, and the truth is, still you managed to do without them. So, what makes you not able to cope with simple financial stresses that will only pass away soon. The best way to come out of a loan is to pay it and avoid further unnecessary borrowing. Learn from experience buddy.

4. Wise Borrowing
Let’s open up and handle the brutal truth here…! You’re struggling with bad credit score, do you ask why? Or did you have to borrow that loan in the first place? They are painful questions to ask when you have to cope with a financial stress, right? But where is your confidence, deal with the problem from the roots.   This will deter you from repeating the mistake.

Confidence is essential in your personal growth, but if you fail to cope with financial stress wisely, then it becomes the first thing to be ripped off. Hence, ensure nothing takes away your confidence as it’s the only force that will make you see things clearly. Having financial problems should not deter your positive thinking ability, in fact it should sharpen your mind to make it solve issues with simplicity. Lack, is just the opposite of plenty and things will turn around soon. 

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