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Quail eggs

It’s not a secrete any longer, quail farming in Kenya has become a millionaire’s business idea. In fact I was recently shocked to read a post from a close friend of mine about how easy one can rake thousands if not millions just by the simple idea of quail farming and the selling of quail eggs. It really shocked me and in few sentences I hope to share with you what I understood.

Evans, is the name of this friend of mine, he recently wrote a post basing his opinion on the math behind this business. Take a look at his realistic arguments: a single quail egg sells at khs35, so assume you’ve kept 1000 birds which will most probably give you over 950 eggs per day. That means 35 x 950 which is ksh33, 250/=, take note that this is just the lower side for 1000 birds.

That tells you that if anyone wants to appear in the currently aired young-rich program by K24 TV it is very possible. All you have to do is increase the production of quail eggs in your farm and there you’ll be competing with the likes of Omosh (the comedian) and Masguembe (the animator). Just imagine what the sale of 10,000 quail eggs will do to your bank account?  It’s about plan, determination and action.

My work is to open up your mind by highlighting realistic and possible job creation ideas that can make you rich and acquire your financial independence. So am not advertising, am only showing you where you can get some firsthand information about quails, where to sell or buy the eggs and more so to prove that you can create a job in quail farming.

So what websites can offer real-time info about quail firming in Kenya?
Get them below;

Business title: ECOCHICKS POULTRY LIMITED- they specialize in bringing up farmers who are interested in the business. So in simple terms they are after creating jobs in the community. They show you show to get your eggs at reasonable prices. Nevertheless, since they also deal with supplying poultry produces, it is possible that you may in the long rung begin to sell to them eggs from your own quail farm, that’s if you get into it.
It is a detailed wordpress blog that specifically highlights about quail farming in Kenya, while also touching on the cost and benefits of the eggs. It has gone farther to the practical life, by point out real graduates who got into farming after their degree education. In fact some young farmers have evolved into large scale sellers of quail eggs

3. it’s a website encouraging young Kenyans to venture into the business of quail farming. Amongst its high ranking post is one that gives tips for quail rearing, the mentioned ideas are unique realistic and particle. It also touches on the cost of quail eggs, -that is, the selling and buying price of these farms produces in retail and wholesale.

4. this is a facebook fan page but converted into a business link. Its owner comes from Kiambu County,  Nyathuna location. Off cause those around this place emerge top beneficiaries of the info. However, you also can get estimates about the much that quail eggs do sell at upcountry and so on… the thing is, you must get a value-adding idea on visiting the page.

5. they have specialized in offering technical details about quails and the selling of eggs. Food consumption and most of what you really need to begin the business. There are many links here that carry detailed information about these birds especially the breeds that do well in Kenya.

The mentioned websites are not final sources of information; there are others like, There is almost enough of what you really need to begin your own quail farm. If it is the incubators, provides everything including the cost and how much each quail eggs should really sell. It’s now your turn to think about job creation out of these sites! Share your dream self-employment idea below if you can, love you!

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