Top 6 Scientific Ways to Deal with Stress in Marriage Handling an American Wife

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Marriage stress

Marriage has become an extremely common avenue of stress for many couples. What was opted to be a worm soft bed to seek comfort in life became a bed of thorns and this has hurt people all over the world. Do you know why there is plenty of pain in most relationships? …Wow! Relax you’ll have it all here in the top 6 scientific ways to deal with stress, and if you are an American, here is the psychology behind handling of a high caliber wife!

However let’s first get the answer to why there is plenty of pain in relationships… Ha ha ha… Am just laughing because it is something that you know but has never sunk into you brainy substance. Huh? Simple: Over-expecting. Yes, this all what is eating your marital fabrics. You’ve set high demands …you want an angel yet you live on earth.

You look only on the bad side of a coin, you simply waste more time on what you can’t change, instead of researching on tips such as top-6-scientific ways to deal with marriage stress… and you expect to live happy?. Ooh my! You will die not having found the imaginary angel my friend and am sorry for the brutal truth. Humans are just animals including you and your couple, huh? Sorry I just called an animal? Please pardon me, it is passion… How I wish you should be realistic dear friend and know that there are no perfect beings…  Only the Almighty God is perfect! (Just SHOUTED… OKAY?)

STOP converting your spouse into angel! Deal with them as humans and expect mistakes, hurts, and all the stupid staff men and women do! That is a generally and proven way of dealing with stress in marriage. Nonetheless, here comes your top-6-scientific ways to handle marriage diplomatically.

1. Mind-power
Analyze things that bring stress and hardships in your life with your mind power and more-so in the marriage you are in. Most are the times when blame-games overrule the mind-power that should be used to solve issues…. Mature-up buddy and expected issues… The good thing is; issues come up to help reveal the weakness of the partner so that you can adopt new ways to live with them. Also remember that you are not perfect and you cannot make yourself to be perfect, so how come you want to change someone else.
Use the power in your brain to visualize and analyze the way out of each problem. And one more thing: don’t expect an end to all problems in life… If one problem is solved, there is always the next… And the next can be more challenging so you’ll have to raise your standard of dealing with marriage stress and that is science, because you are solving problems.
2. Emotional power
You can play with your partner’s emotions to reduce stress in your marriage. Scientific research has established word-of-mouth as a tool that plays a great role when it comes to emotions. The words you use in your relationship can trigger either stress reduction or the increase of it. So use your words selectivity even when joking with your partner. It is more recommendable to use binding words always and avoid any dialogues that weaken emotional bonds.

3. Public acknowledgment
The public has a great influence on your relationship. In fact allowing the public to have influence in your relationship in a wise way can make it hard for you separate even when things are bad. As a wise person you can use crowd psychology to tie up you partners mind.

So, how? …Hug him or her in public! Yes, I just said that and I mean. Acknowledge your partner before people and let him or her know they are tied to you. This creates some ties in the mind… such that even when your partner thinks of doing something that will hurt the relationship, there is that fear of publicity.
I always recommend this to be done in respectable avenues like a church or anywhere with high standards of discipline… I tell you, you and your partner will always think of your reputation in regard to the public and that will forbid immature decisions that may break your marriage. In fact sometimes you have to show the public how peaceful your relationship is, and in the process mending your differences hence eliminating stress the science way! 

4. Sibling respect
Act like you respect your spouse’s children. Whether you are the biological parent of the children in that marriage or not, it has been scientifically proven that there is an unbreakable bond between persons related by blood. It’s a unique natural bond, and if you show respect and love to your partners kids, you become part of that chain of bond. But if you despise that natural bond, you are considered a foreign object in the chain.

5. Communication gadgets
Technology has provided different gadgets that help us to communicate with folks in as far as the farthest point of the world. However this has intern gained access into marriages and can now dictate the level of happiness in a relationship. A simple thing like a phone has the power to crush a marriage and this has been scientifically proven. According to a research that involved 100 couples, 70percent showed concerned on how their partners associated with the opposite genders on phone and other social networks.

You can deal this by being as transparent as you can. Let your half know your friends in details; don’t subject him or her into stress as you will only get what you offer. This means if you have secretive friend in your phone or the social media, your partner will also form his or her own and this will stress up you marriage in the long run. In simple terms, do what you can to wave away strains… I hope this will sweeten today’s kiss and henceforth isn’t it! Love yah!

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