Top 4 Critical New Year Resolutions and How to Painlessly Achieve them in 2014

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critical resolutions for 2014
Achievable New Year resolutions

These are some of the happy New Year’s resolutions that can help you achieve a goal or two this year. Choose one which describes your purpose in life and what you really want to achieve. If you find one with enough capacity to better your future and bring more value on your life come the next happy New Year 2015, don’t hesitate to put it into action…

1. Saving Money
You can decide to create and develop a saving habit as one of your 2014 resolutions. Many people think this is hard, which is not. It only takes determination and time. In fact it has been proved that a normal human has a perfect ability of creating a totally new habit within a period of 3 weeks. So from the day you set that money saving mentality and start working on it, you only require approximately one month to make it a taboo (or a must do).

2. Writing
For writers, the job of creating content can be challenging… But then, the question, what good thing comes on a silver plate? Definitely nothing of value just comes easily. You can decide to raise your writing standards by concentrating on quality, originality and quantity of your writing. For instance if quantity is one of your key happy New Year 2014 resolutions, you can decide to be writing one article a day. For a month you’ll have… 1×30 which gives you 30articles. Calculate this for a whole year, that is 30×12 = 360article. Having 360 quality articles definitely guarantees you a good search for your blog on search engines and this could translate to better online earnings.

3. Back to School
Going back to school is a very great, outstanding and achievable happy New Year 2014 resolution. It is a decision that you may never regret doing. Practically speaking, standards of life have gone much higher than they used be some two years ago. What a simple high school certificated could have done, has now been replaced by diploma while the place of diploma has been taken by higher diploma likewise with a degree and up. So set an outstanding resolution for 2014 that will force you
achieve it!

4. Marriage
Getting married can be an achievable happy New Year 2014 resolution. However this is amongst the few choices that require thorough scanning before taking any action. To begin with, weigh out if you really should make it a priority for the year. Yes, it is the way to having a family, children and future. But are you ready to take responsibility? There is no bargaining, marriage is all about responsibility so if you take way, then there is no particular point that you’ll ever regret for because of your resolutions. In fact you’ll come to enjoy it in the long run. So what’s your resolution for the happy New Year 2014? Let us know in the comment box below!

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