Smart Tips for Setting Happy New Year 2014 Resolutions, Check out what went wrong in 2013

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Setting Happy New Year 2014 Resolutions

“Happy new year, 2014 Resolutions” are the present slogans for persons with goals to achieve. But now, the big question is, will the resolutions you want to set or have already set, deliver your purpose come the end of the year? Just for analysis, look back and see if the ones you had set for 2013 did what you wanted to achieve. And if yes, you probably should use the same strategy because chances are, with them you can achieve your 2014 goals. However, if no, below are outstanding guidelines which can guarantee you happy New Year resolutions that that will deliver what you opt to achieve at the end of the year.

First it is good to figure out the down falls that you think led to the dropping of the goals that you had purposed to meet the last year. These are questions that can help you to clear factor out the uncertainties …What came about? What made you to lose focus on the resolutions? Were the resolutions substantial enough to deliver purpose? What can you do in this happy New Year 2014’s resolutions? Analyzing the above questions is probably what you need to so set resolutions that can help you meet your target for 2014.

1. Check out what came about in 2013
It is good to understand that there are things that will emerge along the year. Many people including you and me end up dropping important New Year resolutions because of what comes about. Problems are there and they will never end… So figure out that which made you drop your resolutions for the previous years and set new ones for 2014 with that in mind.

A resolution is a like a plan and it should be set to be achieved no matter what comes about. For instance if you want to go to school to study a certain course in this 2014, and coincidentally an urgent need comes about, the principle is DONT reconsider you resolution but sort that emergency without touching the money opted for schooling. That is just an abstraction and it should not make you stop with your journey. Corners in life only need to be negotiated since they can’t be avoided. But resolutions will keep on haunting you if purpose is not met.

2. What made you lose focus for the New Year resolution?
Ensure to pick it out and lay strategies that will help you overcome or even avoid the same occurrence. It is said, it is easier to handle the devil you know. So, ensure that happy New Year 2014 resolutions you want to set are well thought of. Don’t allow situations that may lead you to previous failures. Okay check out!

3. Were the resolutions substantial enough to deliver purpose?
Don’t just assume you were a failure because you never met what you had purposed in 2013, but rather be realistic and check whether those goals were achievable. This should help you to come up with achievable goals and resolutions for the happy New Year 2014. Resolutions don’t have to be sophisticated; in fact they should be realistic enough to be met.

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