How to use your Will-Power and Mind-Power Wisely

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Will power

Will: means what you consciously or unconsciously put into consideration to execute either in the present time or future. It is an idea which is either conceived in the heat or mind and has power to either demand or request for action. As a person who regard to personal development, this is a perfect field to look into, more so if you want to build a self-reliable personality that can turn situations into happy moments. See, your success is highly determined by who you are the real substance that makes you in terms of behavior, habits, mind-power and will-power.

But before cracking the shell and accessing the naked reality about how to use your power wisely, here are a few things worth noting. Allow the below facts to sink into your brain and settle in the heart. I promise you’ll never regret reading this post…

Principally nobody can force you…?

-Make choices
-Love or hate
-Buy or sell
-Agree or refuse
-Give or withhold
-Stay neat or untidy
-To continue reading this post or not
-Be vigilant or ignorant
-Accept-forgiveness or forgive
-Give or accept bribe
-Kill or not
-Listen or not
-Speak or not
-Eat or not
-Admire or not
-Stay focused or not
-Think positively or negatively

And on and on … The list is long; in fact it may never end. Will power is the most sophisticated weapon in life and it’s the only tool that can carry someone to his destiny in life. For instance, nobody can force you to be the president of America if the urge is not within you will. Okay… people might will to offer support by voting you into power but it is you who decides whether to take or reject their offer.

… It’s that serious! All that you ever want to become in life is right within the power of your will and nothing more. Just to share a small story, there is this lady who happened to be a close family friend of ours. She spent so much time complaining about how schooling was made impossible by the economic issues which surrounded the family. There were hardships allover, which made her result to leaving school to the potential fellows not knowing the decision was made within her and not by the situation. She dropped the will to continue with education. 

Some 2 to 3 years down the line she luckily secured a job in the baby-care sector. She was required to only work for 4 hours a day and that’s 2hours in the morning and 2hours in the evening, Monday to Friday. The work involved preparing the kid in the morning; taking it to school and collecting it come evening. However, since she was still buried in the “I-can’t-make-it-stupidity”, there was no way she could have thought of using the free time between the taking and collecting of the child. Education was no where within her anymore and this went on for more than 5years, a time enough to complete schooling.

Now back to you! It is most obvious that you must make such stupid “will-not-succeed” choices than lead certain underachievement… But, don’t mind, you still can revive your mind-power and will-power. It is all about knowing how to use this 2 tools wisely, and you can be sure to re-define you course in life. There are very many turn-around-success-stories all over, and what you here is because someone realized their potential to change and achieve dreams. And you also can do that.

So how really can you use your mind-power and will-power in the wise way?

1. Realization
Set you mind to analyze the number of times you’ve buried your ambitions to stupid decisions. What led to that…? Did you really have a better option as per that time? Could you have waited, were your decisions informed, after how long did you realize what you were doing was wrong. Was there ignorance in your mind or will-power? See, set you mind to realize the wrongs so as to avoid them in future and take new stand for doing things.

2. Say it out
If you consider an idea positive, valuable and worthily embraceable, use your will/mind-power to say it out. When you say something; remember you are also telling your brain, hence it’ll adjust to what you want to achieve and generate new ideas. The much you speak-it-out the more you wise up, and if you realize that what comes from your mouth is helping other people…, so why should you be exceptional, it should also help you! If you can convince someone to go back to school or achieve a certain goal, you also can do it. 

3. Know the consequences of will-power-misuse
You are the boss to decide what you want to achieve in life. However, the improper use of any authority in life comes with negative consequences.  Yea! And this is no excuse, life has its own laid principles and it has never compromised. If you use your will-power wisely of because you’ll reap good, but if you decide the other way round, you’ll definitely reap pain!

Choices come with consequences and that is an unchangeable fact of life. So be wise buddy! Okay? You are free to share this post on your social networks or with the Friends you want to help. It’s one post that can totally change the destiny of the ones you love…
Do you have other tips about wise usage of mind-power and will-power? Shout them out in the comment box below! Love you all…


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