How to Create Passion for Blogging

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A month ago a research was done and it was discovered, very many people would so much wish to blog but they have issues with passion. It is extremely hard to do anything without passion leave alone writing. This is like hoping to drive a car without engine which is very impossible. Passion means everything even more than the perfect skills of writing. So how can you create passion for blogging?

I’ll tell you nothing but the truth, blogging is like any other hard earned skill. BUT passion makes it among the simplest you can come across. Okay, you may have the right level of education, time and even money to buy content but there is one area that you need to work on and that’s creating passion for blogging. Wanting to be an online publisher won’t make you one, you have to do it. Publishing is about writing, writing and writing.

Take an example with marathoners, practically there many marathons in every competition set up. There are those people who specialize in 10,000m, 400m (often known a relays) 100m, cross country and many others. -It’ll be hard for a 10,000m runner to challenge a 100m runner and the vise versa. All of them are runners but they can only run as per their specialization and interest. (Their line of passion)

Like in running, online publishing and especially owing a blog needs you to create that passion for blogging. You can actually choose any topic not necessary what you studied at school… Anything that you feel a strong urge to let the public know about can be your online platform.

To create passion for blogging means, believing that you have something helpful to share with the word. It can be marriage, finance, love, motivational ideas, health issues, justice, politics, and football, literary anything that you know much of. Embrace the topic you feel you have a better grip of knowledge or experience in. You can only know you’ve created passion for blogging when, you write from your heart with zeal.

Many people spend lots of money with the SEO experts in trying to get the right niche, and keywords for their blog but end up with stale websites. It is not that you shouldn’t involve the search engine optimization experts, the idea is, before you engage them, search your heart first. Know what you like and create passion for blogging right from within then do the necessary rest.
create  passion for blogging

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  1. I agree with you blogging with passion. I run a smartphone blog and results are just brilliant.

  2. Good to hear from you Mr.Samson, in fact I came to know that passion is the only thing can sustain a writer. Basically one can have great ideas, facts and talents but without passion, blogging becomes almost nightmare.

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