Handling Rejection: The ‘2’ Million-Dollar worth Steps To Cope With Rejection You’ve Never Heard off

Rejection is something that happens to everybody; in fact it’s a way of life. However, it’s good that you know how you can deal with rejection so as to improve your daily life. The rejection you are facing is not the same as what other people are facing. Everybody has his own share and version; you are not the only one. What makes the difference is how each person deals with it. In deed the steps below are worth a million dollar and they can help you amicably cope with rejection.

But before I share with you these million dollar worth steps for coping with rejection, let’s fast see the types of rejection and the kind of people it’s often linked to;

1. Self Rejecting– often affects teens and the youth.

dealing with self rejection

This kind of rejection emanates from a past life experience. It’s amongst the worst form, since is linked to itself denial. The individual develops a crocked image of self by hooking his/her life to what happened. This could be mistreat, abuse, poor family background, unfulfilled goals and things of the sort.

How to cope with rejection of this kind -since this is an internal issue the concerned can use these steps;

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Step # 1. Changes of attitude towards self- consider yourself as having a chance to rewrite the story. Remember that you only have one life, so control the presents and forget the gone past.

Step # 2. Recreate yourself image right from the mind- use simple slogans like yes you can. Remember you are fully responsible about yourself image. In simple terms dress how you want other to address you, don’t give room for downgrades.

Step #3. You know yourself better, so drop how the past is trying to define you. Write a clear new definition of yourself right from the way you think. In your efforts to cope with rejection, think of possibilities and ways of achieving new goals.

2. Rejection inside Marriage
dealing with rejection in marriage
Relationships and marriages are also avenues where rejection can emanate. You ought to have the right know how to cope with rejection in marriage if you are to enjoy. Like any animal, we humans have the ability to devise ways of adapting to any environment however there are reasons which lead to rejection inside marriage which include; disability, immaturity, financial status, educational standards and many more.

The million dollar steps to cope with rejection inside marriage include;
Step#1. Study your partner – What do think is causing your partner to disregard you. What often make him/withdraw from you. Please stop that one you discover it! There is no better way of dealing such a form of disregard other than purposing to please your partner by doing what he/she expects.

Step#2. Have personality- purpose to respect yourself completely, create a vacuum and let your partner feel a raise in standard. To achieve this, develop an ever-smart behavior, wear smartly and use clean language. Be “official” and not proud… simple create a vacuum that demands respect and you’ll deal with rejection of that kind amicably.

Step#3. Do what you want in return- ensure that you are sowing the right seed in the mind of your partner with the purpose to cope with rejection in your relationship. Respect your spouse, stop name calling shout outs at each other especially in the presence of the kids. Know the boundaries and balance when issues arise by respecting the correlation

Finally, the top most million dollar strategy to cope with rejection is earning respect. Be a respect earner- learn to do the things that will add value to your character. If it means losing wait to gain respect do it. If it means getting back to school, getting a job or any other action that is logical and can add value to your life, then do it.  Literary, dealing with rejection is process, so expect to see changes after a while and never allow rejection to fix you, cope with it if you can’t avoid it.

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