11 Smart and Achievable Blogging Resolutions for 2014, Critical Tips you must know before Writing Blog Posts

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Are you a smart blogger or aspire to be one? Do you want to set up fresh blogging targets for 2014?  … You are at the right place! I am going to share real time and workable techniques that I just discovered and can help you achieve your blogging resolutions for this 2014. They are easy simple and very promising. So let’s begin the count…!

1. Help out
Write content that is tailored towards helping out your audience. Ensure that your writing is meeting the need of the reader at all angles. Otherwise don’t write…! Of course I say this with all due respect and the reason for applying that touch statement is to help you. Surely, why should you write what your readers don’t want? Is that an applicable 2014 blogging tip? Surely not… So since you want something for your efforts, ensure that at least your content is able to met the readers’ needs.

2014 blogging ideas


2. Write passionately

Passion is the only tool that can help you stay in blogging my dear; allow me to call you that. A blogger without passion always strangles 5 times more than the one with it. Believe me, this is a need, if you are to achieve any blogging targets for the year 2014. One interesting fact is, passion is creatable!  You can create it within the heart. It is just a matter of building interested in what you are doing. You are a blogger right…? then love it! It is your thing so be zealous for it.

3. Master your 2014 blogging voice
What’s your tone while writing? Are you exiting, eye catching humorous or what are your resolutions in regard to writing-voice? You need to know who your audiences take you to be, and you achieve this by encouraging them to comment on your blog. After knowing the fate, now you can mature up your writing style if the audiences like that. In reference to this, note; it is not so wise to be humorous if you’re writing in a medical niche, -here you ought to appear professional in the eyes of your reader. While in the other hand, a make money blog ought to be factual. However, if you do blog about life stories write, entertainingly since this is the need of the reader.  

4. Unique content
2014 blogging Voice

What you post to your blog in 2014 ought to be not only original but unique. Off course you cannot assume the standards set by search engines. Which are; for your blog to be considered in the top search results; the post must be new, outstanding, detailed and problem solving. Yes, this should be your resolutions and off cause it’s something very achievable, you just need to be sensitive to quality and that’s all.
5. Detail
You cannot talk of detail without mentioning length, these two are inseparable. Know why…? Practically, for you to explain any point enough to satisfaction off-cause you’ll be forced to use many word and that’s natural. This is why the popular search engines like yahoo, Google and Bingi prefer long articles. They assume that the long ones are detailed enough and therefore more suitable for their clients (the readers). So if boosting traffic is among your 2014 blogging resolutions then you must prioritize details and article length in your writing

6. Format and revise
Everybody likes high standard and well organized pieces of information. Ensure that the posts you write are professional enough for publishing. Capitalize the required words, use commas, colons, exclamation marks and paragraphs in each master piece. Never post an article in a single block of information because very few people can dare read that. Break your writing into at least 70 to 100 words per paragraph and ensure the dividing spaces are equal and neat.  

7. Design
This refers to the appearance of the blog site. So ask yourself, is the site good looking, navigable and fast enough when loading? See, the design of your site has very great effect on the audience’s experience. Make it your 2014 blogging resolution to improve the navigability of your site. This may as well increase your online income in the long run. The longer the audiences stay on the site the higher the probability that they will click on what you are selling… And this can only be enhanced by a good design.
8. Challenge
Be creative enough to challenge your blog visitors so that they keep on coming for more. Come up with tips, techniques and tricks that can help them solve their need. Stir them with tactics and engaging questions that will make them answer and even ask more questions in the comment box. Once a conversation is sparked do not let it end immediately but rather create friendship with the reader, be lively as the reader expects by replying to their questions on time. 

9. Research for new facts
Things are changing and this also affects the quality of information that we offer. For instance, blogging about analogue electronics in 2014 is an outdated idea and very few people do search for that. Yes, there are many things to tell people about the topic but then, will that help you achieve your blogging resolutions for the year. Your site may be the pioneer when it comes to electronics but it must have digitalized information for it to appear on the search engine results as of today. So look for updated information to serve your audience with.

10. Create new target audience
Make your blog grow by attracting new visitors from different age groups as well as the topic that you handle. For instance if you used to only blog about losing weight, you can introduce a new tab that talks about healthy eating. This means that your audience will grow to not only those who want to shed weight but also those who are concerned about eating healthy diets. Ensure each of your 2014 blog resolutions benefits both you and the visitors.

11. Deliver the promise
You can make it your 2014 blogging resolution that each and every title you give to an article, receives a thorough scrutiny to ensure the promise is delivered. This is ideal because many readers will click on title hoping to get an equal amount of promise as highlighted. Ensure to streamline this so as to maintain your hard earned trust. If you can give a good title then you can also deliver the promise! However if you can’t honor you promise you might as well be at risk of losing readers. What other blogging resolution for 2014 can you advice? Share your comments below and let the world know! Big time…

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