Top sites offering Quail Farming info and the top Market Places for Quails in Kenya: Job creation Portal

Quail eggs

It’s not a secrete any longer, quail farming in Kenya has become a millionaire’s business idea. In fact I was recently shocked to read a post from a close friend of mine about how easy one can rake thousands if not millions just by the simple idea of quail farming and the selling of quail eggs. It really shocked me and in few sentences I hope to share with you what I understood.

Evans, is the name of this friend of mine, he recently wrote a post basing his opinion on the math behind this business. Take a look at his realistic arguments: a single quail egg sells at khs35, so assume you’ve kept 1000 birds which will most probably give you over 950 eggs per day. That means 35 x 950 which is ksh33, 250/=, take note that this is just the lower side for 1000 birds.

That tells you that if anyone wants to appear in the currently aired young-rich program by K24 TV it is very possible. All you have to do is increase the production of quail eggs in your farm and there you’ll be competing with the likes of Omosh (the comedian) and Masguembe (the animator). Just imagine what the sale of 10,000 quail eggs will do to your bank account?  It’s about plan, determination and action.

My work is to open up your mind by highlighting realistic and possible job creation ideas that can make you rich and acquire your financial independence. So am not advertising, am only showing you where you can get some firsthand information about quails, where to sell or buy the eggs and more so to prove that you can create a job in quail farming.

So what websites can offer real-time info about quail firming in Kenya?
Get them below;

1. ecochickspoultry.com
Business title: ECOCHICKS POULTRY LIMITED- they specialize in bringing up farmers who are interested in the business. So in simple terms they are after creating jobs in the community. They show you show to get your eggs at reasonable prices. Nevertheless, since they also deal with supplying poultry produces, it is possible that you may in the long rung begin to sell to them eggs from your own quail farm, that’s if you get into it.

It is a detailed wordpress blog that specifically highlights about quail farming in Kenya, while also touching on the cost and benefits of the eggs. It has gone farther to the practical life, by point out real graduates who got into farming after their degree education. In fact some young farmers have evolved into large scale sellers of quail eggs

3. mkulimayoung.com it’s a website encouraging young Kenyans to venture into the business of quail farming. Amongst its high ranking post is one that gives tips for quail rearing, the mentioned ideas are unique realistic and particle. It also touches on the cost of quail eggs, -that is, the selling and buying price of these farms produces in retail and wholesale.

4. facebook.com/quailskenya- this is a facebook fan page but converted into a business link. Its owner comes from Kiambu County,  Nyathuna location. Off cause those around this place emerge top beneficiaries of the info. However, you also can get estimates about the much that quail eggs do sell at upcountry and so on… the thing is, you must get a value-adding idea on visiting the page.

5. quailfarming.kbo.co.ke- they have specialized in offering technical details about quails and the selling of eggs. Food consumption and most of what you really need to begin the business. There are many links here that carry detailed information about these birds especially the breeds that do well in Kenya.

The mentioned websites are not final sources of information; there are others like, poultrysucess.blogspot.com. There is almost enough of what you really need to begin your own quail farm. If it is the incubators, ecochickspoultry.com provides everything including the cost and how much each quail eggs should really sell. It’s now your turn to think about job creation out of these sites! Share your dream self-employment idea below if you can, love you!


Top 6 Scientific Ways to Deal with Stress in Marriage Handling an American Wife

Marriage stress

Marriage has become an extremely common avenue of stress for many couples. What was opted to be a worm soft bed to seek comfort in life became a bed of thorns and this has hurt people all over the world. Do you know why there is plenty of pain in most relationships? …Wow! Relax you'll have it all here in the top 6 scientific ways to deal with stress, and if you are an American, here is the psychology behind handling of a high caliber wife!

However let's first get the answer to why there is plenty of pain in relationships... Ha ha ha... Am just laughing because it is something that you know but has never sunk into you brainy substance. Huh? Simple: Over-expecting. Yes, this all what is eating your marital fabrics. You've set high demands ...you want an angel yet you live on earth.

You look only on the bad side of a coin, you simply waste more time on what you can't change, instead of researching on tips such as top-6-scientific ways to deal with marriage stress... and you expect to live happy?. Ooh my! You will die not having found the imaginary angel my friend and am sorry for the brutal truth. Humans are just animals including you and your couple, huh? Sorry I just called an animal? Please pardon me, it is passion... How I wish you should be realistic dear friend and know that there are no perfect beings...  Only the Almighty God is perfect! (Just SHOUTED... OKAY?)

STOP converting your spouse into angel! Deal with them as humans and expect mistakes, hurts, and all the stupid staff men and women do! That is a generally and proven way of dealing with stress in marriage. Nonetheless, here comes your top-6-scientific ways to handle marriage diplomatically.

1. Mind-power
Analyze things that bring stress and hardships in your life with your mind power and more-so in the marriage you are in. Most are the times when blame-games overrule the mind-power that should be used to solve issues.... Mature-up buddy and expected issues... The good thing is; issues come up to help reveal the weakness of the partner so that you can adopt new ways to live with them. Also remember that you are not perfect and you cannot make yourself to be perfect, so how come you want to change someone else.
Use the power in your brain to visualize and analyze the way out of each problem. And one more thing: don't expect an end to all problems in life... If one problem is solved, there is always the next... And the next can be more challenging so you'll have to raise your standard of dealing with marriage stress and that is science, because you are solving problems.
2. Emotional power
You can play with your partner's emotions to reduce stress in your marriage. Scientific research has established word-of-mouth as a tool that plays a great role when it comes to emotions. The words you use in your relationship can trigger either stress reduction or the increase of it. So use your words selectivity even when joking with your partner. It is more recommendable to use binding words always and avoid any dialogues that weaken emotional bonds.

3. Public acknowledgment
The public has a great influence on your relationship. In fact allowing the public to have influence in your relationship in a wise way can make it hard for you separate even when things are bad. As a wise person you can use crowd psychology to tie up you partners mind.

So, how? …Hug him or her in public! Yes, I just said that and I mean. Acknowledge your partner before people and let him or her know they are tied to you. This creates some ties in the mind... such that even when your partner thinks of doing something that will hurt the relationship, there is that fear of publicity.
I always recommend this to be done in respectable avenues like a church or anywhere with high standards of discipline... I tell you, you and your partner will always think of your reputation in regard to the public and that will forbid immature decisions that may break your marriage. In fact sometimes you have to show the public how peaceful your relationship is, and in the process mending your differences hence eliminating stress the science way! 

4. Sibling respect
Act like you respect your spouse's children. Whether you are the biological parent of the children in that marriage or not, it has been scientifically proven that there is an unbreakable bond between persons related by blood. It’s a unique natural bond, and if you show respect and love to your partners kids, you become part of that chain of bond. But if you despise that natural bond, you are considered a foreign object in the chain.

5. Communication gadgets
Technology has provided different gadgets that help us to communicate with folks in as far as the farthest point of the world. However this has intern gained access into marriages and can now dictate the level of happiness in a relationship. A simple thing like a phone has the power to crush a marriage and this has been scientifically proven. According to a research that involved 100 couples, 70percent showed concerned on how their partners associated with the opposite genders on phone and other social networks.

You can deal this by being as transparent as you can. Let your half know your friends in details; don't subject him or her into stress as you will only get what you offer. This means if you have secretive friend in your phone or the social media, your partner will also form his or her own and this will stress up you marriage in the long run. In simple terms, do what you can to wave away strains... I hope this will sweeten today’s kiss and henceforth isn’t it! Love yah!

How to use your Will-Power and Mind-Power Wisely

Will power

Will: means what you consciously or unconsciously put into consideration to execute either in the present time or future. It is an idea which is either conceived in the heat or mind and has power to either demand or request for action. As a person who regard to personal development, this is a perfect field to look into, more so if you want to build a self-reliable personality that can turn situations into happy moments. See, your success is highly determined by who you are the real substance that makes you in terms of behavior, habits, mind-power and will-power.

But before cracking the shell and accessing the naked reality about how to use your power wisely, here are a few things worth noting. Allow the below facts to sink into your brain and settle in the heart. I promise you'll never regret reading this post...

Principally nobody can force you...?

-Make choices
-Love or hate
-Buy or sell
-Agree or refuse
-Give or withhold
-Stay neat or untidy
-To continue reading this post or not
-Be vigilant or ignorant
-Accept-forgiveness or forgive
-Give or accept bribe
-Kill or not
-Listen or not
-Speak or not
-Eat or not
-Admire or not
-Stay focused or not
-Think positively or negatively

And on and on ... The list is long; in fact it may never end. Will power is the most sophisticated weapon in life and it's the only tool that can carry someone to his destiny in life. For instance, nobody can force you to be the president of America if the urge is not within you will. Okay... people might will to offer support by voting you into power but it is you who decides whether to take or reject their offer.

... It's that serious! All that you ever want to become in life is right within the power of your will and nothing more. Just to share a small story, there is this lady who happened to be a close family friend of ours. She spent so much time complaining about how schooling was made impossible by the economic issues which surrounded the family. There were hardships allover, which made her result to leaving school to the potential fellows not knowing the decision was made within her and not by the situation. She dropped the will to continue with education. 

Some 2 to 3 years down the line she luckily secured a job in the baby-care sector. She was required to only work for 4 hours a day and that's 2hours in the morning and 2hours in the evening, Monday to Friday. The work involved preparing the kid in the morning; taking it to school and collecting it come evening. However, since she was still buried in the "I-can't-make-it-stupidity", there was no way she could have thought of using the free time between the taking and collecting of the child. Education was no where within her anymore and this went on for more than 5years, a time enough to complete schooling.

Now back to you! It is most obvious that you must make such stupid "will-not-succeed" choices than lead certain underachievement... But, don't mind, you still can revive your mind-power and will-power. It is all about knowing how to use this 2 tools wisely, and you can be sure to re-define you course in life. There are very many turn-around-success-stories all over, and what you here is because someone realized their potential to change and achieve dreams. And you also can do that.

So how really can you use your mind-power and will-power in the wise way?

1. Realization
Set you mind to analyze the number of times you've buried your ambitions to stupid decisions. What led to that...? Did you really have a better option as per that time? Could you have waited, were your decisions informed, after how long did you realize what you were doing was wrong. Was there ignorance in your mind or will-power? See, set you mind to realize the wrongs so as to avoid them in future and take new stand for doing things.

2. Say it out
If you consider an idea positive, valuable and worthily embraceable, use your will/mind-power to say it out. When you say something; remember you are also telling your brain, hence it'll adjust to what you want to achieve and generate new ideas. The much you speak-it-out the more you wise up, and if you realize that what comes from your mouth is helping other people..., so why should you be exceptional, it should also help you! If you can convince someone to go back to school or achieve a certain goal, you also can do it. 

3. Know the consequences of will-power-misuse
You are the boss to decide what you want to achieve in life. However, the improper use of any authority in life comes with negative consequences.  Yea! And this is no excuse, life has its own laid principles and it has never compromised. If you use your will-power wisely of because you'll reap good, but if you decide the other way round, you'll definitely reap pain!

Choices come with consequences and that is an unchangeable fact of life. So be wise buddy! Okay? You are free to share this post on your social networks or with the Friends you want to help. It's one post that can totally change the destiny of the ones you love...
Do you have other tips about wise usage of mind-power and will-power? Shout them out in the comment box below! Love you all...


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Critical and Amazing Daily Workout tips for 1/1/2014 to 31/12/2014 and Beyond up to 2050: How to finally Lose Weight

finally Lose Weight
Staying fit is a personal decision and not a fate. Some people may call it either bad or good luck but when speaking of weight management and healthy eating, my friend you can't blame that on anybody. It's all about the choices you undertake, embrace and execute, sorry to say so but my intent is to realistically help you out of increased weight issues completely.
On this post am going to only highlight smart and amazing principles beyond the daily workout tips that you can effortlessly resolve to use in 2014 and beyond. Actually, 2014 as used here is just a numeric figure to help set your mind for fresher choices. Note that your future is in your minds, not hand.

So what are these amazing lose-weight principles beyond daily workouts that may have never crossed over your mind...? Take it easy buddy...you'll have them in a while but first try to analyze these not so damp questions that even a fool can answer, and you cannot answer... These are literary the real problems leading to your increased body weight: and I mean it!

Off we go...
- According to your perception, what is the use of food in your body?
- Why eat 2, 3 or even 4 plates of foods, is there a substantial reason for that?
- Why do you make food a companion while it is not a living being?
- Since when did food become a stress pill and why use it to relief your stress?
- You have a lot to do including daily workouts, why spent more time eating?
- You are not a domesticated animal expected to gain weight, are you?
- Neither are you kept for meat, so why take eating as an economic practice?
- Why increase the food ratio, only to get into trouble when losing weight?
Surely just see the level of sense in the queries above, you don't need to be an approved food nutritionist of answer them. In fact even the dampest man on earth can manage to get 5 out of 5 if it was a test, or 100percent if that's what you understand best. So if a foolish man knows the reason for increased body-mass, who then can help you out if not being realist with food? Do you know that overeating is just another indirect way of committing suicide? Yes, you are craving for yummy foods, but this can as well translate to yearning for overweight related troubles.

Facts about being overweight...

I.     Pressure
Let's touch a bit about pressure reports from medics clearly shows that overweight people fall more susceptible to pressure. The food eaten beyond naturally set amounts ends up being stored in different body parts such as the lower abdomen, behind the neck part, in the chest and worst of it all around the blood vessels. In fact almost all the dangerous heart conditions you hear of are weight related so why kill yourself?

II.   Body immunity
Different reaches have so far confirmed that there are high chances of low body immunity in people who are overweight. Reasons being, an overweight fellow is often lazy of doing daily workouts, has a tendency of un-healthy eating (meaning they consume less fruits but more of carbohydrates and fats), and also the excess stored fats are ideal immunity threats. Hence it is true to say, ...the more you add weight the more you're exposed to these dangers, and I think having this in mind is more than the routine daily workout you are used to.

III. Emotional stability 
Aha! ...Get into a public transport vehicle, you'll definitely receive a bad look from everyone reason: you are a threat to space! The overweight body is not the one expected by the public and this is amazing because even those overweight fellows don't like each other? It is certain that you'll suffer emotional instability by being overweight. Off-cause you'll here, all sorts of name calling in the air which may include piggy-piggy, human-elephant, pigylety and the likes. So eat knowing you're not just eating but exercising some kind of routine daily workout that will either receive positive or negative feedback.
So what are the major steps to finally losing weight, controlling daily food intake as well as maintaining the daily workouts. Remember that healthy eating is not an immediate short cut to workouts, shedding excess body calories is a long term goal and you are supposed to remain focused. It all begins with food intake.

How to "use" food:

1. Only eat to satisfy the pangs of hunger
Many people don't really know the reason for eating, this is including you! I was also there but not any longer. Allow me to use hash terminologies to get the point home... Off-cause for your benefic... Actually the reason why many suffer from weight increase is not genetic, it is dampness, oh sorry... With a little courtesy call it ignorance. And if you don't agree then why eat 3 meals a day yet you are suffering from increased-body-mass.

2. Number of daily meals
Do you think you'll die by eating 1 or even 2 meals a day? Who said you must eat 3 to 6 times a day? Surely let's be realistic... You don't earn weight by breathing, it only comes with eating! -Nobody will take you to prison because of skipping a meal or two a day. In fact you'll be doing good to your health by adopting an eat-stop-eat-routine alongside you daily workouts. It's only being realistic and breaking the stupid habits you unconsciously fell into.

3. Don't cook extra food
Since you know your weakness, only cook enough food as required for that time. Avoid cooking any extra food since you don't need it. In fact the process of preparing food itself is a workout that you ought to stick to on a daily basis. Avoid every sort of idleness that may settle the fats processed by the body, cook, cook and cook daily. The house chores you do are also very essential for losing weight; don't just keep sending everybody around the house to do things for you: wake up from your back and do them yourself.

Also, ensure that the only food available in your fridges and any other buns is uncooked, this so as to reduce the chances of consuming food unnecessarily. The prime discipline: only eat when it's a basic need. And finally, observe and keep these principles of eating by determination. So what's your other daily workout techniques beyond the gym sessions that can help someone truly lose weight? Tell it out in the comment box below! 


11 Smart and Achievable Blogging Resolutions for 2014, Critical Tips you must know before Writing Blog Posts

Are you a smart blogger or aspire to be one? Do you want to set up fresh blogging targets for 2014?  … You are at the right place! I am going to share real time and workable techniques that I just discovered and can help you achieve your blogging resolutions for this 2014. They are easy simple and very promising. So let’s begin the count...!

1. Help out
Write content that is tailored towards helping out your audience. Ensure that your writing is meeting the need of the reader at all angles. Otherwise don't write...! Of course I say this with all due respect and the reason for applying that touch statement is to help you. Surely, why should you write what your readers don't want? Is that an applicable 2014 blogging tip? Surely not... So since you want something for your efforts, ensure that at least your content is able to met the readers' needs.
2014 blogging ideas


2. Write passionately
Passion is the only tool that can help you stay in blogging my dear; allow me to call you that. A blogger without passion always strangles 5 times more than the one with it. Believe me, this is a need, if you are to achieve any blogging targets for the year 2014. One interesting fact is, passion is creatable!  You can create it within the heart. It is just a matter of building interested in what you are doing. You are a blogger right…? then love it! It is your thing so be zealous for it.

3. Master your 2014 blogging voice
What's your tone while writing? Are you exiting, eye catching humorous or what are your resolutions in regard to writing-voice? You need to know who your audiences take you to be, and you achieve this by encouraging them to comment on your blog. After knowing the fate, now you can mature up your writing style if the audiences like that. In reference to this, note; it is not so wise to be humorous if you're writing in a medical niche, -here you ought to appear professional in the eyes of your reader. While in the other hand, a make money blog ought to be factual. However, if you do blog about life stories write, entertainingly since this is the need of the reader.  

4. Unique content
2014 blogging Voice

What you post to your blog in 2014 ought to be not only original but unique. Off course you cannot assume the standards set by search engines. Which are; for your blog to be considered in the top search results; the post must be new, outstanding, detailed and problem solving. Yes, this should be your resolutions and off cause it's something very achievable, you just need to be sensitive to quality and that's all.
5. Detail
You cannot talk of detail without mentioning length, these two are inseparable. Know why...? Practically, for you to explain any point enough to satisfaction off-cause you'll be forced to use many word and that's natural. This is why the popular search engines like yahoo, Google and Bingi prefer long articles. They assume that the long ones are detailed enough and therefore more suitable for their clients (the readers). So if boosting traffic is among your 2014 blogging resolutions then you must prioritize details and article length in your writing

6. Format and revise
Everybody likes high standard and well organized pieces of information. Ensure that the posts you write are professional enough for publishing. Capitalize the required words, use commas, colons, exclamation marks and paragraphs in each master piece. Never post an article in a single block of information because very few people can dare read that. Break your writing into at least 70 to 100 words per paragraph and ensure the dividing spaces are equal and neat.  

7. Design
This refers to the appearance of the blog site. So ask yourself, is the site good looking, navigable and fast enough when loading? See, the design of your site has very great effect on the audience's experience. Make it your 2014 blogging resolution to improve the navigability of your site. This may as well increase your online income in the long run. The longer the audiences stay on the site the higher the probability that they will click on what you are selling... And this can only be enhanced by a good design.
8. Challenge
Be creative enough to challenge your blog visitors so that they keep on coming for more. Come up with tips, techniques and tricks that can help them solve their need. Stir them with tactics and engaging questions that will make them answer and even ask more questions in the comment box. Once a conversation is sparked do not let it end immediately but rather create friendship with the reader, be lively as the reader expects by replying to their questions on time. 

9. Research for new facts
Things are changing and this also affects the quality of information that we offer. For instance, blogging about analogue electronics in 2014 is an outdated idea and very few people do search for that. Yes, there are many things to tell people about the topic but then, will that help you achieve your blogging resolutions for the year. Your site may be the pioneer when it comes to electronics but it must have digitalized information for it to appear on the search engine results as of today. So look for updated information to serve your audience with.

10. Create new target audience
Make your blog grow by attracting new visitors from different age groups as well as the topic that you handle. For instance if you used to only blog about losing weight, you can introduce a new tab that talks about healthy eating. This means that your audience will grow to not only those who want to shed weight but also those who are concerned about eating healthy diets. Ensure each of your 2014 blog resolutions benefits both you and the visitors.

11. Deliver the promise
You can make it your 2014 blogging resolution that each and every title you give to an article, receives a thorough scrutiny to ensure the promise is delivered. This is ideal because many readers will click on title hoping to get an equal amount of promise as highlighted. Ensure to streamline this so as to maintain your hard earned trust. If you can give a good title then you can also deliver the promise! However if you can't honor you promise you might as well be at risk of losing readers. What other blogging resolution for 2014 can you advice? Share your comments below and let the world know! Big time…
2014 blogging Voice


Top 4 Critical New Year Resolutions and How to Painlessly Achieve them in 2014

critical resolutions for 2014
Achievable New Year resolutions
These are some of the happy New Year’s resolutions that can help you achieve a goal or two this year. Choose one which describes your purpose in life and what you really want to achieve. If you find one with enough capacity to better your future and bring more value on your life come the next happy New Year 2015, don't hesitate to put it into action...

1. Saving Money
You can decide to create and develop a saving habit as one of your 2014 resolutions. Many people think this is hard, which is not. It only takes determination and time. In fact it has been proved that a normal human has a perfect ability of creating a totally new habit within a period of 3 weeks. So from the day you set that money saving mentality and start working on it, you only require approximately one month to make it a taboo (or a must do).

2. Writing
For writers, the job of creating content can be challenging... But then, the question, what good thing comes on a silver plate? Definitely nothing of value just comes easily. You can decide to raise your writing standards by concentrating on quality, originality and quantity of your writing. For instance if quantity is one of your key happy New Year 2014 resolutions, you can decide to be writing one article a day. For a month you'll have... 1x30 which gives you 30articles. Calculate this for a whole year, that is 30x12 = 360article. Having 360 quality articles definitely guarantees you a good search for your blog on search engines and this could translate to better online earnings.

3. Back to School
Going back to school is a very great, outstanding and achievable happy New Year 2014 resolution. It is a decision that you may never regret doing. Practically speaking, standards of life have gone much higher than they used be some two years ago. What a simple high school certificated could have done, has now been replaced by diploma while the place of diploma has been taken by higher diploma likewise with a degree and up. So set an outstanding resolution for 2014 that will force you
achieve it!

4. Marriage
Getting married can be an achievable happy New Year 2014 resolution. However this is amongst the few choices that require thorough scanning before taking any action. To begin with, weigh out if you really should make it a priority for the year. Yes, it is the way to having a family, children and future. But are you ready to take responsibility? There is no bargaining, marriage is all about responsibility so if you take way, then there is no particular point that you’ll ever regret for because of your resolutions. In fact you’ll come to enjoy it in the long run. So what’s your resolution for the happy New Year 2014? Let us know in the comment box below!

Smart Tips for Setting Happy New Year 2014 Resolutions, Check out what went wrong in 2013

Setting Happy New Year 2014 Resolutions
“Happy new year, 2014 Resolutions” are the present slogans for persons with goals to achieve. But now, the big question is, will the resolutions you want to set or have already set, deliver your purpose come the end of the year? Just for analysis, look back and see if the ones you had set for 2013 did what you wanted to achieve. And if yes, you probably should use the same strategy because chances are, with them you can achieve your 2014 goals. However, if no, below are outstanding guidelines which can guarantee you happy New Year resolutions that that will deliver what you opt to achieve at the end of the year.

First it is good to figure out the down falls that you think led to the dropping of the goals that you had purposed to meet the last year. These are questions that can help you to clear factor out the uncertainties …What came about? What made you to lose focus on the resolutions? Were the resolutions substantial enough to deliver purpose? What can you do in this happy New Year 2014's resolutions? Analyzing the above questions is probably what you need to so set resolutions that can help you meet your target for 2014.

1. Check out what came about in 2013
It is good to understand that there are things that will emerge along the year. Many people including you and me end up dropping important New Year resolutions because of what comes about. Problems are there and they will never end... So figure out that which made you drop your resolutions for the previous years and set new ones for 2014 with that in mind.

A resolution is a like a plan and it should be set to be achieved no matter what comes about. For instance if you want to go to school to study a certain course in this 2014, and coincidentally an urgent need comes about, the principle is DONT reconsider you resolution but sort that emergency without touching the money opted for schooling. That is just an abstraction and it should not make you stop with your journey. Corners in life only need to be negotiated since they can’t be avoided. But resolutions will keep on haunting you if purpose is not met.

2. What made you lose focus for the New Year resolution?
Ensure to pick it out and lay strategies that will help you overcome or even avoid the same occurrence. It is said, it is easier to handle the devil you know. So, ensure that happy New Year 2014 resolutions you want to set are well thought of. Don’t allow situations that may lead you to previous failures. Okay check out!

3. Were the resolutions substantial enough to deliver purpose?
Don’t just assume you were a failure because you never met what you had purposed in 2013, but rather be realistic and check whether those goals were achievable. This should help you to come up with achievable goals and resolutions for the happy New Year 2014. Resolutions don’t have to be sophisticated; in fact they should be realistic enough to be met.


Comments for Building Backlinks

Building Backlinks by comments

Leaving comments on other people’s blogs is a great idea when it comes to link building. In fact it is amongst the cheapest ways to accumulate backlinks supposed to drive traffic to your blog. However the greatest challenge when creating back links is getting the right platform to leave comments in exchange of links. The term backlinks looks very simple and applicable but in the real world, getting a reasonable number of blogs or sites where you can link from can be time consuming. So, how can you reduce the pain of link building? This is how...

1. Search the right word
The fact remains, you must find a great number of high raking websites to link your blog from and this is not that simple. So, type the correct word that will help you reach these sites. For instance, if you want to leave a comment on any blogger site, it’s good that you ensure what will come in the search results are sites hosted by blogger.com. Thus you can type any word followed by the domain .blogspot.com i.e. facts4me.blogspot.com you can also type any word followed by a .com, .net, .org, or .co.ke domain or any other, and then go the comment section.

2. Download a Blog reader
A blog reader is software that allows you to read and comment on blogs. Among those that I found very helpful is one made by blogger.com since it only brings up sites hosted by blogger. And as you know most of these sites have a comment box which will allow you fulfil the objective of building backlinks. Also, you can get other private content reader software but ensure they have place a where you can mount your links.

3. Google plus Back links
Google plus is a new platform which allows its users to share content in terms of articles, photos, music, movies and any other possible means. To take advantage and boost your backlink building efforts, ensure that every post is shared to Google plus when you press the publish button. It is good that you analyse the plus button just to make sure this is done. Also, note that every time you publish on Google that is an additional backlink for your site, so publish as many articles as possible and live replies on questions left at g+ comment box.

4. Be Friendly on your blog
Since getting many back-links is among the top priorities of a blogger, make it easy for other writers to place a link on you blog. Don’t be selfish... they also want to build backlinks and this will benefit also to you. Every time someone comments on your blog, value is added on it in the eyes of the search engines. The many comments on your site suggest to Google that the blog is valuable thus deserves first priority during searches. Also, it is at this point that you’ll get more friends to leave backlink building comments for your blog.

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Building Links by Commending on other People's Blog, 3 Basic Tips

Building links is a very essential step when it comes to blogging success. No website can claim independence on the World Wide Web, as-in all websites on the internet are set to depend on one another. For a website to be ranked high by the search engines, it must possess a reasonable amount of links besides high quality posts. Thus if you want to have success in the realm of blogging, building links is almost a must do task. So, how can you build safe anchors that direct traffic to your website?

There are several ways to achieve this which include submitting your articles with incorporated back links to directories, requesting administrators of other sites to mount your link on their platform, and also you can decide to buy links from automated systems that can link your blog to hundreds of sites with a click. However you cannot compare building links by commenting on other people's blog with all these ways, the technique is cheap, natural, easier and more enjoyable. It also carries lest penalties risk from search engines.

So what's the trick behind building links by commenting on other's sites?

To be frank, I have seen many friends using this method but only a few of them know the trick, most of them go for the common way which ends-up with an expected result. You're supposed to mount your link and comment knowing that the action can have both a positive or negative effect on the success of your blog. The below ideas can dictate a better future for you blog-site;

1. Use the comment box linking foam- most newbie’s skip this not knowing how important it is in building links. Before writing anything on the comment box, it is advisable you go to, "choose profile/commend as"... the button right below the comment box and select "URL". This where you can mount your name and websites address. Note that, putting the link inside the comment box is almost equal to time wasting because the link will only become stall (not clickable) after publishing. 

2. Understand the content - read the post before commenting and ensure that it is in line with all search engines terms and condition. For instance, you don't want to build links on websites that could be deleted by search engine administrators. Sites that go beyond terms and conditions of let's say Google always face penalties and this many affect the credibility of a blog. Note that every good link is a positive vote and every link from a restricted content is a negative one. Don't build links on adult sites or websites which are restricted, this is so as to avoid future penalties.

3. be creative and interesting- write creative and value adding comments while building links, be interesting so as to "lure" the reader into clicking on your name. Always outshine other comments if you can, ask a question for the administrator to answer. You can as well put an interesting photo that will make the reader want to know you better. Ensure that your efforts for building links by using commend box is driving traffic to your site as you also please the search engines. What’s your technique...?

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5 Tips for Dealing with an Irritating Person

The society is full of different and difficult people and nobody can change that. We just have to learn how to deal with irritating persons since some of them are our immediate family members. For those of you who grew up beside brothers and sisters, there is no doubt you came across irritating characters.  And if you were not in such a set up, then the elementary school you attended must have had such individuals.

The big problem is, when dealing with an irritating person, we often assume that they know or should know that what they are doing is against our ethics. The truth is they knew it before behavior developed into maturity... But since they've grown into that it, the irritant behavior has become part of life. Trying to change such a folk is like a waste of time and almost next to impossible.

Now on knowing this, the way out is learning how to deal with an irritating person and not to dwell in give out complaints of what he or she is doing. Take that whoever keeps on irritating and annoying you is someone you have to live with, does it mean then that you'll run away? NO, the best way to deal is cope up with situation.

Just accept that there is nothing you can do to correct that person, already the irritant behavior has dominion so it you to adjust and move forward. So how can you really adjust so as to deal with an irritating person?

This is how...

dealing with an irritating person 
1. Ignore the criticism- learn not to expect anything good from an irritating person. If he or she calls you names or groans to upset you, don't allow it to settle into the heart. You have choice to either strive or keep a relaxed mind.

2.  Control what you say- always ensure that what comes out of your mouth is no provocative as this could farther ignite the irritating person you are dealing with. Put it in you that that this person is insecure and he or she can do anything to win the argument. So any farther irritating tone from you can magnify a situation.

3. Be precise- when dealing with an irritating person, speak clearly what you want but ensure it is in few words. This is someone who "must" irritate so keep off by being precise if you must talk.

4. Give signs- behave in a manner like suggestion what he or she is saying adds no value or is not really a big issue. Don't open loopholes for strive, since you may not win the battle, show withdrawal signs each time you notice things going extreme.

5. Don't Share - if you want to deal with an irritating person comfortably, show what he or she is saying is not worth sharing. Because if you keep on seeking sympathy from the people around, chance are that he or she will farther take advantage over the pain.

In dealing with an irritating person you ought to have a strong personality especially when it comes to emotional control. Use the pre-think technique of controlling you anger. It’s simple; since you expected embracement, preset your mind not to magnify what comes against you… What other way do you think will help someone to leave above annoyance? Please share or leave a comment! 


Handling Rejection: The '2' Million-Dollar worth Steps To Cope With Rejection You've Never Heard off

Rejection is something that happens to everybody; in fact it’s a way of life. However, it’s good that you know how you can deal with rejection so as to improve your daily life. The rejection you are facing is not the same as what other people are facing. Everybody has his own share and version; you are not the only one. What makes the difference is how each person deals with it. In deed the steps below are worth a million dollar and they can help you amicably cope with rejection.

But before I share with you these million dollar worth steps for coping with rejection, let's fast see the types of rejection and the kind of people it’s often linked to;

1. Self Rejecting- often affects teens and the youth.

dealing with self rejection

This kind of rejection emanates from a past life experience. It’s amongst the worst form, since is linked to itself denial. The individual develops a crocked image of self by hooking his/her life to what happened. This could be mistreat, abuse, poor family background, unfulfilled goals and things of the sort.

How to cope with rejection of this kind -since this is an internal issue the concerned can use these steps;

Step # 1. Changes of attitude towards self- consider yourself as having a chance to rewrite the story. Remember that you only have one life, so control the presents and forget the gone past.

Step # 2. Recreate yourself image right from the mind- use simple slogans like yes you can. Remember you are fully responsible about yourself image. In simple terms dress how you want other to address you, don’t give room for downgrades.

Step #3. You know yourself better, so drop how the past is trying to define you. Write a clear new definition of yourself right from the way you think. In your efforts to cope with rejection, think of possibilities and ways of achieving new goals.

2. Rejection inside Marriage
dealing with rejection in marriage
Relationships and marriages are also avenues where rejection can emanate. You ought to have the right know how to cope with rejection in marriage if you are to enjoy. Like any animal, we humans have the ability to devise ways of adapting to any environment however there are reasons which lead to rejection inside marriage which include; disability, immaturity, financial status, educational standards and many more.

The million dollar steps to cope with rejection inside marriage include;
Step#1. Study your partner – What do think is causing your partner to disregard you. What often make him/withdraw from you. Please stop that one you discover it! There is no better way of dealing such a form of disregard other than purposing to please your partner by doing what he/she expects.

Step#2. Have personality- purpose to respect yourself completely, create a vacuum and let your partner feel a raise in standard. To achieve this, develop an ever-smart behavior, wear smartly and use clean language. Be “official” and not proud… simple create a vacuum that demands respect and you’ll deal with rejection of that kind amicably.

Step#3. Do what you want in return- ensure that you are sowing the right seed in the mind of your partner with the purpose to cope with rejection in your relationship. Respect your spouse, stop name calling shout outs at each other especially in the presence of the kids. Know the boundaries and balance when issues arise by respecting the correlation

Finally, the top most million dollar strategy to cope with rejection is earning respect. Be a respect earner- learn to do the things that will add value to your character. If it means losing wait to gain respect do it. If it means getting back to school, getting a job or any other action that is logical and can add value to your life, then do it.  Literary, dealing with rejection is process, so expect to see changes after a while and never allow rejection to fix you, cope with it if you can't avoid it.


How to Create Passion for Blogging

A month ago a research was done and it was discovered, very many people would so much wish to blog but they have issues with passion. It is extremely hard to do anything without passion leave alone writing. This is like hoping to drive a car without engine which is very impossible. Passion means everything even more than the perfect skills of writing. So how can you create passion for blogging?

I'll tell you nothing but the truth, blogging is like any other hard earned skill. BUT passion makes it among the simplest you can come across. Okay, you may have the right level of education, time and even money to buy content but there is one area that you need to work on and that's creating passion for blogging. Wanting to be an online publisher won’t make you one, you have to do it. Publishing is about writing, writing and writing.

Take an example with marathoners, practically there many marathons in every competition set up. There are those people who specialize in 10,000m, 400m (often known a relays) 100m, cross country and many others. -It'll be hard for a 10,000m runner to challenge a 100m runner and the vise versa. All of them are runners but they can only run as per their specialization and interest. (Their line of passion)

Like in running, online publishing and especially owing a blog needs you to create that passion for blogging. You can actually choose any topic not necessary what you studied at school... Anything that you feel a strong urge to let the public know about can be your online platform.

To create passion for blogging means, believing that you have something helpful to share with the word. It can be marriage, finance, love, motivational ideas, health issues, justice, politics, and football, literary anything that you know much of. Embrace the topic you feel you have a better grip of knowledge or experience in. You can only know you’ve created passion for blogging when, you write from your heart with zeal.

Many people spend lots of money with the SEO experts in trying to get the right niche, and keywords for their blog but end up with stale websites. It is not that you shouldn’t involve the search engine optimization experts, the idea is, before you engage them, search your heart first. Know what you like and create passion for blogging right from within then do the necessary rest.
create  passion for blogging

Ungrateful Wife: 3 Perfect Ways on How to Deal with Ungrateful Wife

Deal with ungrateful wife Factually this is not the first time you are coming across the term "ungrateful wife" it's a fact in the real world, but the big question is often, what makes her ungrateful? What leads your once loving sweet heart to taking you as mere kid who needs to be shouted upon? What causes her to despise your efforts in the running of the family? What made her the ungrateful wife you see today?

These are very necessary question and they all need perfect answers. However, there is great possibility that the answers lie right under your actions. It is true that the master ought to be respected, but are you a good master, leader, protector, care giver as you ought to be? Let alone your efforts for feeding the family, you may be earning a good salary hence providing material supplies to her, but she'll still call you “bitch” -sorry to mention that but it’s true.

To prove the above statement, see how many wealthy homes break. Yes, money has its own important role in a marriage but it is not everything. The problems you hear in all marriages are often created by ignorance. Practically, you can just decide to brand her “ungrateful wife” not considering the important factors that may have contributed to the behavior. 

So how can you deal with an ungrateful wife?
Read the simple fact and steps below and you can be sure of saving your marriage:

1. Be the expected husband
There are natural expectations which your wife demands her heart that you meet. If you fail, this is when she considers driving her point home by nagging, name calling or even violence. There is no better way to escape what she expects from you other than wise “submission”. Other than withdrawing and tagging her: ungrateful wife, listen to what she want from you and if you cannot manage to meet her target, try to explain it out. Other than putting her off ...you may not control her mouth once she realizes you are ignoring her.

2. Security
Are you giving enough emotional security to her? See, there is a concrete reason as to why she's become an ungrateful wife you dislike. Women are naturally insecure and security is one among their priority needs. An insecure wife show the vacuum by being disrespectful to the hubby, and in solving this you may change her attitude. Let her know there are no other women competing with her for you and you can allow that. Be the loving master, and tell her all will be well even if you are not sure.

She may be the bread winner or one earning higher than you, or even much more educated- but you should still be there to provide the way. For you to brush away the “ungrateful wife” personality in her, you must be relevant even when she asks you the obvious questions. Answering correctly will help to mold her attitude.

3. Train her your way
How do you want her to behave, tell her using the words of wisdom …Don't force things to happen your way because she'll also be doing the same against your wish. Create a democratic environment (not an extreme one) and let her learn how hard it is to deal with an ungrateful wife. The idea is use wisdom don't let her directly know she annoying, but create an environment using sweat words and she'll conform to your way. 

Stubborn Husband: 3 tips on How to cope up with Him

Men have a nature that often makes them look stubborn. A prove of this can be seen by observing a comparison between two growing kids, boy and girl. They are two different "beings", to be realistic… and have different ambitions, goals and priorities. So if you find out any signs of stubbornness on your husband, don’t worry because there are ways in which you can deal or even put-up with him.

Let’s dig deep on the nature of all males and you'll find out that the so tagged stubborn husband may not be as hard to deal with as he seem. Its nature… you ask how? See, doctors and experienced parents have the ability to tell whether a pregnant woman is carrying a boy child or girl. In fact they use a very simple technique which is: a boy child often disturbs and kicks the mother when in the womb.

On the other hand, girls spend most of their time sleeping in the womb. This tells you both of these “creatures” share very little in common in terms of priority. So changing your man completely could be asking too much. However with the below tips, you can comfortably manage the so called stubborn husband with extreme ease and even increase joy in your marriage:

1. Humbleness

coping with a stubborn husband

This is the strongest weapon you can use against a stubborn husband. Men have a natural tendency of wanting to dominate a territory. Literary, his marriage is his territory and this is why no matter his level of education, he still want to hold authority over the wife. As a wife, be notified that humbling is not a weakness and that does not lower your value on him. In fact when you make him feel like a king, he will definitely make you a queen.

2. Avoid arguments

stubborn husband

Again, men fear arguments and they can do anything to cut it off. Even if it means doing the unspeakable in marriage, so please be wise and try to lessen the instances of any arguments. This does not mean that you aren’t allowed to speak your mind, no, but do it with wisdom knowing that you are dealing with a stubborn husband. Marriage is not a contest for words so don’t make it. Workout the torn of your voice when giving your proposal don't show that you want to win.

3. Acknowledgment

Show that you recognize him as the authority in the relationship and not as the stubborn husband he appears to be. Reasons being, a wife is often regarded as the neck while husband as the head. Be wise and control his feelings just as the neck is able to control the head. Decide to keep him focused on you by respecting his nature. Study him and know the kind of woman he likes most and adopt into that.