Where to sell Quail Eggs in Kenya: Job Creation Ideas

sell quil eggsQuails are very productive when it comes to egg laying: and more so when they get enough food. Poor weather conditions don’t really dictate their productivity since they are highly adaptive and can easily cope with all surroundings. This is one outstanding fact that makes quail keeping a reliable economic activity in any part of Kenya. However some people wonder if the market for selling quail eggs really exists.

Capital YES is the answer! There are plenty of places where you can sell the eggs, so that shouldn’t stop your efforts of setting up the business. In fact, if you just look at the rate in which these eggs are pricing, you will realize that the idea of keeping quails isn’t a business joke. As of today, a single egg goes for khs30 to 35. While a chicken eggs goes for ksh10.

So where can you sell your quail eggs in Kenya?

See below platforms and choose that which is okay with you;


There are several online platforms you can outsource your customers from. Let’s touch some of them for a better understanding;

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1.Face book: create an account with face book, and make a fun page where you can engage with fellows who have the same interest. Nevertheless, go to the face book search button at the bottom of you page and type in “sell-quail-eggs-in-Kenya, you’ll find some of the already existing quail egg dealers.

2.OLX. This is an avenue that specializes in advertising all sorts of things. Just search for the platform on Google by typing “olx”, set your location and add the picture of the eggs tagged with your preferred price. Leave your phone number there and wait to be conducted.

3.Online Soko and the likes are other place you can make deals, if you are not satisfied with these platforms, set your own online business. Factually, setting an online business is not hard either, the ideas is just creating a blog and letting it pull a targeted traffic. An audience which has the exact interest of buying quail eggs.


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  1. I am selling quail eggs. I have several trays available. Please call me on 0721614390. I am in Kamulu, Ruai, Nairobi.

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