What You don’t Know about Quail Keeping in Kenya

job creation in kenyaAlthough this topic has been trending since the beginning of this year, there are a few facts that most publishers don’t have a perfect understanding of. As a matter of facts, the idea of keeping quails in Kenya did not originate from the west as some people claim. In fact it was practiced even before hand only that it was out of the camera glare. To be clearer, it was done by some communities, of which I don’t need to mention names.

So how was Quail Keep done in Kenya?

Out of experience, there is one unique quail keeping strategy that always makes me respect Africans especially the less educated. The word was clear right from childhood I was told; that quails were among the most popular and widely known birds, I would say may-be the believe is has direct links to the bible story which we used hear in those Sunday school days. So with this respect, it was not right to domestic the bird, an ideas that I latter come to disapprove.

Yes, the birds ware not directly kept at home or into cages, but they were tamed using food. Isn’t that ridiculous? See, it’s clear, a special feeding zone was set aside and the birds would come to feed every day, then return to the forest. The people who kept the practice were mature and mostly the bread winners of the family who trapped the birds one by one for food. Get the idea? So it was that, a certain family was known to have the most of these birds, while others less. The one with many quails way considered blessed, although the quails spend most of their time in the forest.

You may ask why the birds were important to the community?
As obvious, they were kept for food. Quail meat was highly valued and esteemed despite its natural sweatiness. To this day, it’s taken that whoever gives you some quail meat delicacy that person must have respected you highly. See, this is natural and unique and if you don’t know, such communities have some special values placed on some animals. So when someone gives quail, some superstitious Kenyan communities believe it’s a way of creating strong bonds of friendship.

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Additionally, it was known from since time in memorial that quail meat has some medicinal values. A fact that has been lately approved by the most respected world’s nutritionists. in fact there are lots of published scientific contents that encourages the use of quail meat, not only in Kenya but globally.

According to these scientists, quails have extreme adaptation mechanism in their system that makes them resistance to all forms of diseases. In fact up to this far not a single disease has been known to infect the bird. Doesn’t that astonish! This has made some doctors and even lowers to turn into keeping quails for money.

Here is a little math for those interested with keeping quails for money within Kenya. Everything calculates in Kenya Shilling.

A female quail bird lays roughly 25 eggs per month, one quail egg costs 30 – 45/= which means in a month you can pocket a whooping 1000/=. Of which the market for quail eggs in guaranteed. A single female mature-quail costs roughly 400-500/=. You can decide to buy an incubator of your own instead of buying the already hutched chicks.

Assume you get one incubator with the capacity of keeping 70 quail eggs; you will only wait for 16 day to have a new set of 70 chicks. Thus, the larger the number of incubators, the more the chances of you having a greater number of birds. And this also directly translates to how much you can earn by just keeping quails right here in Kenya.   

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