What amount of Food should each Quail Eat: Job creation in Kenya?

It’s importance to first note that quails are wild birds and therefore they have a unique adaptation mechanism that allows them to survive with little food. It is this property of adaption that makes them grow fat despite their nature of taking very little food. You can bear witness that these birds always appear roundish in shape meaning they get enough food as required by their body.

quail keeping, job creating idea in kenyaAccording to a research done lately, it has been found that a mature quail only eats 25grams of chicken feed per day. This is extremely good news to anyone who thinks of venturing into quail rearing here in Kenya. Despite the fact that keeping layers and broilers is depicted as one of the most promising business, quail keep has the most of the advantages. Here is why; a chicken eats 150grames of feed, so it you compare these two you get a difference of 125grams so a chicken eats twice the amount.

Mathematically it simply means that you will spend more when rearing chickens than quails. Another important aspect of factoring out the amount of food each quail eats is calculating the rates of breeding. See, quail eggs only take 16days to hatch while those of chickens take 21 days; hence this translates to their growth rate. Meaning, chickens take longer to mature so they feed for a long time.

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