Tips to Spice-up your Marriage

Your marriage is as important as your breath and it is good that you manage it to the best of your ability. As a matter of facts it has been established that the people outside marriage face more daily challenges than those in it. Yes, marriage has its own unique and disturbing challenges but mark you, these can be dealt with. All you need is to develop a little wisdom by analyzing the tips to spice-up your marriage and you can learn how to handle the hick ups when they pop up.

Tips that can help you spice-up your marriage include;

1. Learning your partners weak and strong points

2. Embracing and hugs

3. Wise usage of words and voice tone

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4. Outings and date

5. Meaningful gifts

6. Dialogue

#1 how to know you partner’s weak and strong points

This is very simple and can easily be achievable by using an extra sense of wisdom. The idea is, know the extremes of his or her emotions. What level of emotional strain can your partner withstand before acting stupidly? Also how much must you work to make him or her happy? This sounds common but it can extremely help you to spice-up your marriage life.

How to play with your partner’s emotions.
With great caution, pretend that you are not happy with how your partner behaves or even with how things are going on. The word is “great-caution” meaning that you’ve got to ensure that what you are doing is safe with you partner. Make sure you use the common words that will not leave any scar after the “drama.” Remember your objective is simple; just getting to understand a little of your partner and nothing more.

Once you establish things that irritate him or her most, always work hard to avoid them since you’ve known what can bring trouble. Likewise if you get to clearly know what your better half likes the most, don’t withhold it. Be the person to make your lover feel satisfied. Because if you don’t want to do so, chances are, they may look for someone to feel the need.

#2 Embracing and hugs

Psychologists have established that harnessing, embracing and hugging of partners have extremely great roles in binding couples together. You can use this to spice-up your marriage. Let it be a habit, hug your partner as often as you can and even more, do it in the presence of other people. This is a sign that you want peace and regard friendliness, so your half will also not want to break your idea since you involved the public.

#3 Words and voice tone

This is personal responsibility and each partner ought to apply it. In fact I would recommend that you ensure your partner understands this. Even if it means getting them read this particular article. The ideas is, use words that will strengthen your marriage bonds and not those that weaken it. These include; I’ll love you forever, you remain the only choice for the rest of my life; take it from me that I love you… Etc.

Also, always ensure that you keep a positive attitude towards your partner. The tone you that you talk with to your partner suggests how much he or she is important to you. In fact you can’t hide your attitude since it’ll come out through the tone you speak with. Be vigilant and always use acceptable voice and tonal value.

#4 Outings and date

This applies to both parties and not only the husband. Either of you can arrange for an outing or a date. It doesn’t need to be expensive, the key agenda for this is to spice up your marriage and make it livelier. Simply go out, a place away from home and reflect the dam days of courtship. Use the words you used before the actual marriage vows and enjoy yourselves.

#5 Meaningful Gifts

Consider giving your partner gifts that create unique and outstanding meanings, and that which adds value to their life. This include taking your partner to newer experiences of life like traveling abroad, buying them something that can be archived for many years such as art works.    

#6 Dialogue

This is the most important of all; enlighten your spouse on the importance of communication. Fabricate topics that will make your partner want to commend and give their view. You can base this on this what you think can ignite his or her attention. The importance of dialogue is that it strengthens the bonds of socialization. After maturing in this you will be missing each other badly and you’ll always want to hear the voice of each other.  

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