Tips on How to Begin your Own Company without Capital

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This sounds too exiting huh? Off course, but realistically, there is a list of small businesses that you can start without capital and if any the expected capital is extremely very small. Only use this as a money making idea that will help you obtain the amount of capital you want for your preferred business. Additionally let the, I can grow-big-from-small mentality rule your motive as you digest the nature of the business;

Intermediate Garbage collector

Job creation in KenyaThis is among the easiest service providing business to begin. What you need to do is seek for customers and form a small group of guys. For those living in bigger cities like Nairobi, there’s an added advantage because of population of the houses. The idea is, seeking permission from residents so that your group starts to be collecting garbage in the area.

You can also go to your area chief and seek permission inform of a letter and let it be stamped. You don’t need cash to this; in fact you can begin in the name of community work and ask for just a little compensation. Remember this is a new money making idea you are introducing to the community, so work smart and don’t show any signs of extreme self benefit, okay?…

The easiest way to gain confidence with the people is giving your full identity as well as that of those working with you. Let them know where you live and how they can conduct you. With this, definitely there are very high changes of getting the “tender”. Nurture the trust and then make the business your company, which you can register it as “Garbage collectors limited” and there you’ll be, the director!

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