Small Business ideas in Kenya Part 2:- Charcoal Selling Business

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In regard to the rise of fuel prices in Kenya as well as in the whole world, people all over are looking for cheaper alternatives to help fire their homes. And this clearly creates another business opportunity. In fact fire is a basic need and no house can operate without it. Charcoal becomes the most immediate options for many in Kenya despite it sacristy. However if you decide to do the business, there are a few secrets that I can share which will enable you keep a good stock as well as flourish in your area.

What do you need to begin a charcoal selling business in Kenya?

job creation in kenyaThe answer to this depends on you as an individual. Nevertheless there those are basics that you can use to kick start immediately, this include; space, charcoal, customers and equally important as all: authorization from the city council.

Space: this refers to either a room or any opened-but-roofed space where you can keep your products. Charcoal off-course is the product you want to sell while customers are your clients. In these requirements, you should only care about the first two, but customers will bring themselves as long as they find out that you selling the ideal quality.

As early mentioned, selling charcoal in Kenya is a very promising business. You can even specialize and make it a big and reliable source of income. All you need is links to get the product. You must have someone to comment you with the charcoal burners. There is a greater advantage when you request in large quantity and especially from the producer themselves. Then, the idea is: sell your charcoal in retail. In fact selling on retail basis will help you maximize you profits since one 2kg can costs 50/=

Let’s say you buy one sac at 1000/=, 20 bags will only costs you 20,000/= of which there is a guarantee of selling all this with a week. So if each bag gives you a profits 1500/= (this is on the lower side) you’ll end up pocketing 30000/= clean after removing all expenses. Multiply to get the exact monthly earning, the cumulative profit for the 20 bags will definitely be close to 100000/=. All this is very practical but always give room for your business to mature-up!

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