Small Business ideas in Kenya Part 1:- Selling of Chapatis

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job creation in kenyaFactually, jobs are always there, the scarcity of workable job creating ideas is always the big challenge. However, the existence of this site is to ensure the availability of every tip that can make you add a buck into your pocket. Job creation is the current mentality for anyone who knows the pains of employment, hence when touching this topic “selling chapatis”, it better you see the benefits of self employment in oppose to working under someone’s rules. Don’t just assume that this is a job for the less educated, but visualize yourself as the boss not an employee (slave)

Some of the most important questions to ask each time you want to start a business are; is the idea really viable, what capital is required, location and things of the sort.

With the first question, the answer is yes. Selling of chapatis in Kenya is a very hot business. Most people prefer ready food and chapati is the most popular and widely preferred just like beans. Regardless of tribe and cultural norms, this is among the few foods which are widely accepted. So there is plenty of ready market for it.

Secondly; what do you need to start the business of selling chapatis in Kenya?

Below is the breakdown:

1. Source of fire- Jiko

2. Charcoal
3. Wheat flour
4. Heavy cooking pan
5. Storage equipment
6. Spoons
7. Stand where you can comfortably cook from
8. Source of water.
9. Packaging or wrapping bags

As you can see, the above listed basics will not cost you much, in fact with less than ksh5000 you can source all these within a day. When talking of location, this means you ought to set you business where you are sure of good traffic. This means look for a place where there are many residential, a place like near junction.

In a nutshell, below is the amount of profit you can expect from selling chapatis in Kenya: math for a 2kg wheat flour pack.

– 2kg of wheat flour costs around ksh120
– Charcoal ksh50,
– Cooking fat ksh40

This is now the operating cost, of which will total up-to- (120+50+40) = 210. After preparation, the 2kg will give you 30 pieces of chapatis each selling 10/=, so you expect a clean profit of 90/= (that is 300-210). If you get a good location you can be sure to even sell 7- 10 bundles a day, which will end up giving you a profit of 700 to 1000/=. So let’s say you work for 20days, your monthly income will be above 20, 000/=! So why should you seek for employment when you are able to create it yourself?  


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