Self Employment Kenya: Hairdressing Business Tips

Most people are now turning their hands into self employment activities and the business of saloon is one that is high in target for many in Kenya. However it doesn’t matter how many people go into the idea, the fact remains that saloon business will never lack market since almost 99percent of women all over the world give extreme regard to hair beauty. Every lady wants to look extra beautiful thus creating more and more jobs in the beauty industry.

The top secrete behind creating self employment is identifying the need in a market and finding ways to provide solutions to that need. For instance, lately I was astonished to discover that most women complain that there are very few good saloons, and thus they just keep up with the situation. Imagine this being the case and it is happening in Kenya where everybody is crying about the high levels of unemployment?

So what makes saloon business more unique and promising?

The answer is as direct as broad day light! You even don’t need to have a masters degrees to get this clear, just go over the below points;

1. Requires easily achievable formal qualifications

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You don’t need to have a college degree to venture into this niche of beauty; in fact, simple hairdressing training can do you marvelous. However, it is necessary that you concentrate on giving quality service so as to outstand competition

2. The great need in the market

There is very great need for good salons in the market today. In fact women are ever on the run looking for a better person who can do their hair wholeheartedly. The idea is, try to meet each of your client’s needs separately and in special case. Women like to be taken special and so you should take them special while giving the services and they’ll take you special in return.

3. Easy to start

The items and equipment required to set-up this business are both cheap and readily available. In fact to some extents you just need a good venue and you can begin by weaving using your hands as you slowly grow into having dries and blowers.

4. Cheap to start

On the same note of “easy to start”, the money value for saloon equipment’s is very reasonable and you can begin your business with little cash. You can get a room to rent for as little as 3000/=, a blow dry for 2000/= and a good dries at 6000/=. So you roughly need 20000/= to set up the business and begin to enjoy the benefits of self employment.

5. Legal documentations

When it comes to dealings on registration and legal involvements, this business kind will not stress you up. In fact you can decide to be paying the daily license of relatively ksh20/= to the tax collectors, then after your business attains stability you be “cutting” a yearly license.

6. Has high chances of growing

As long as you pick a reasonable location, there are high chances that your business will surface. In fact to withhold this kind of business, just give the best shorts when providing the services and you’ll see wonders. Your business will begin to boom within the shortest time possible.  

7. Self Advertisement  

Simple, ensure that your salon business is one of which provides the latest styles in town. This is also very achievable since you just need to know what’s up in the industry of style and fashion. Get the most up-to-date and high ranking hairstyle photos together with the manpower and you’ll see clients flocking. Confidence is all you need to create self employment and become your own boss in Kenya.  

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