Residual Income: 3 tips to Earn Additional cash at your Work Place

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The current life status is getting more and more expensive with every sun rise and you out to configure how you can at least earn some residual income to top up your daily spending. Businesses have evolved to more of profit oriented than solution focused. Everybody thinks of how to get that extra coin from your pocket including your own employer.

In fact one thing that you ought to know is that your employer will never enjoy what goes into your pocket more than what goes into his accounts. With the open opportunities available, you can earn residual income at your work place and reduce your financial hick ups.

Earn Residual Income at your Work PlaceIt is said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” the phrase is nice when it is working for you but can be mare crap when you don’t live the talk. Relying on your salary can be quite challenging especially when you are on a fix salary basis you need some techniques for earn residual income. Yes, your salary might be promising but mark you! There more you continue with life the more it gets other commitments and you begin to strain.
So how can you generate some residual income at your work place to add to what you get from your employer? … There are quite a number of things you can do but it depends with nature of your job. Also you need to visualize and analyze your surroundings to be able to identify the opportunity. Below are some ideas that can enable you to make residual income at your work place;

Selling Airtime  for residual income
People everywhere want to stay connected on their cell phones and this can only happen with existence of airtime sellers. In fact even the strictest boss always finds him/her self needing credit to top up their phones. Ideally, you may be lucky if are working in a company with less competition on this commodity, because even the bosses will regard you as an asset. Yes, “asset” because by selling airtime you’ll be solving workers needs for communication hence smooth running of the business. 

Advantages of this business include;

1. Cheap to begin
2. Ready market
3. Less competition because many fear the little profit
4. Less strenuous
5. Less chances of bad debts because the need is recurrent
6. Airtime credit cards are very portable and pocket-able
7. Demand increases during pay periods
8. Small denominational cards tend to sell more and are easily available
9. Availability of recharge cards from suppliers
10. You’ll be earning twice within the same working hours
11. No taxes, since you’ll be mobile and confined at the work place

Washing overalls and dust coats for residual income

This is another sector that can earn you some good residual income at your work place. See, many people don’t really prefer to go home with work cloths. And on the other hand many companies and business find it hard to spend on such services. So why don’t you use the opportunity. Washing overalls, dust coats and other workers outfits for money will not make you any less professional in your specialization. In fact this is an awesome residual income earning opportunity since not many will be willing to compete with you.

The idea is simple, advertise yourself using word of mouth, specify a collection zone where they can leave and pick their work-clothes when they need your service and start earning your residual income.

Some of the advantages of this business are:
1. No paying of rent
2. Less competition

3. You become like an asset to the company when the bosses know
4. It improves your relationship with everybody
5. Double earning within the prescribed working hours
6. No tax
7. You only wash the clothes during weekends

Selling Ground nuts for residual income

Grounds nuts are eaten everywhere and almost by everybody. Factually, this business can be a great idea of earning residual income at your work place because nuts are somehow addictive. They are mostly eaten for pleasure and reducing hunger while also avoiding boredom. The process involved in preparing ground nuts is really painless, all you need is drying, roasting and packing …and your product is ready for sell.

Advantages of selling ground nuts for residual income include;
1. It’s a hassle free business as clients are all confined within the place of work

2. Cheap to begin
3. Fair profit compared to selling airtime
4. No rent is required
5. The product is light and portable
6. Less involving and you can run it even while doing office work.

There are also other residual income earning ideas just around your work place, all you need is to open your eyes. you can also engage fellow workers from other companies and ask them what small business exist at their places of work. Think outside the box don’t allow financial constrains disfigure you pocket while you create means of earning some residual income right where you are.

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