Provocative Wife: How to avoid her Stings and Live Happily

It is very true that the last two decades has shown a steep rise of divorce cases in the US and many other parts of the world. However it is clear that most divorces can be avoided if only the concerned partners accept the principle rule of marriage. Which is, learning and accepting your partner the way he or she is. Based on this, here is how you can happily live with a provocative wife and safely avoid her stings.

Firsts let’s put things clear. What would make a wife provocative?

There are many factors leading to this, which include;

provocative wife– Her upbringing

– Parent’s lifestyle

– Survival adaptations

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– Educational and professional background

– Misbehaving husband and many other factors

Some wives have recorded that they resolved to be rude simply because no one cared for them while they were young. It seems that some women take the act of being provocative as the only way of successfully passing their message. Also maybe it’s a character which one adopted from the parents. While to some, having a provoking element is taken as a survival technique: they use it as a protective gear while others as a means to achieve certain goals in life.

It is also important to understand that the educational and professional background of an individual can influence her character, and this makes some to appear provocative. For instance an extremely conservative teacher, who has not been enlightened, always thinks that everybody is a student: including the hubby. Thus she may unknowably behave provocatively.

So how exactly can you deal with a wife who proves to be provocative?

For one, you must accept that you’ve got no power to change or even recreate your wife. She is the way she is because of some of the mentioned factors and of which you were not a role player. So how do you exactly rewind the past to correct the part that went wrong? The best and only way out is to learn how to avoid her stings! And this is how;

Read her mood

Naturally, women are emotional beings and you can’t change that. They suffer from emotional ups and down surges. So, you should be vigilant and know when to spit the romancing words and when not to. Never think that you are the only thing in her mind, you have to make it to be. Use politeness and wisdom to let her know that you care and would wish a softer life other than a striving one. However don’t force this, just let it be known to her.

Give gentle answers

When she is out of balance on her emotions and you discover those ranting words, be gentle and offer gentle answers and solutions. The ideas is simple, she is provocative because she wants an action taken over something that is disturbing her. So you are the person to lets her blocked mind visualize the way out of that problem.

Don’t strive

With ultimate care, let your wife know that you didn’t marry a debating machine. Reduce the chances of arguing at all costs because this is often what leads to strive. And if you must debate over an issue, show that even the winner will not gain a bronze medal and if so the medal will remain a victory in that house.

And last but not least, it could be wiser to get her into some counseling sessions with a qualified marriage professional. Don’t allow the mentality of divorce take over where dialogue can resolve an issue. Also, it is wise that you concentrate on learning how you as an individual can cope up with her character. Yes the wife could be provocative but you can learn how to adapt into the situation if she fails to improve. Yes you can!

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