New Idea- Make Money Using Twitter Shares, in Kenya

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make money in kenya using twitter
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There are many money making ideas all over the internet but the big question is can those particular ideas work for you in your country. This is why I often try so much to bring up practicable ideas that you can be sure to engage in, and add a buck into your bank account. Twitter has from today launched the sale of its shares and as the fact remains, this is another big opportunity for the optimistic community who hope to make cash from the idea. As reported twitter has never made any profit since it was founded and since it has announced that it now wants to begin generating income, there is no doubt that it will.

So far the micro blogging site has over 240milion followers all over the world and this is sign that it’s liked by all folks. The websites also registers over 1 million twits every day which means there could be thousands of followers behind each particular tweet. Kenya has not been left behind either; in fact twitter is the second most used social network in Kenya after facebook. Additionally the media houses of Kenya have from since long ago shown great interest in following twitter messages while trying to gather the public opinions on hotspot topics.

The evidence of how twitter has gained popularity goes on and no… However just as the saying goes, people equals to money, it’s thus practical to clearly say that you can be rich by using twitter to make money right in hear Kenya.

So how can one make real money using twitter here in Kenya?

The most recent technique is;- Buying and selling of twitter shares

Twitter has today opened doors for buying of its shares, whereby one share sells at $26. It is true that the world didn’t expect such a high price for the shares but economic experts foresee great future for the website. Hence they approve the price. For one, the sale of this shares guarantees the company to attain a worth value of18 billion US Dollars. Hence, shedding a clear picture to you that the site has a promising future!

So you can decide to buy these shares and then sell them in the near future and gain some good profit. If you find yourself asking if it’s possible to buy twitter shares from Kenya, the answer is yes! Here is the process: since this is an international deal, do your transactions on an international platform. These platforms include international banking systems such as, but not limited to PayPal, Money Gram, and Western Union.

For me, I prefer PayPal because it is specifically for online transacting and has high security. Just open an account with them and buy your twitter shares online from Kenya, wait for the shares to hike high then sell them for profit!

Let’s do some mathematical prophesy: assume you’ve bought 100 shares each costing the current tagged price of $26; you will only spend $2600 dollars, which is roughly ksh223, 600.

Then six months down the line you hear that the share value has doubled up (of which will be the most probable case). Let’s do things realistically and on the lower side, first forget about doubling: by just $4 as profit per share, it means if you decide to sell you shares, you’ll pocket an addition of 400 US Dollars as your return the 100 shares! An equivalent of kshs34, 500 from the idle money you had. There are also other many ways you can use to make solid clean and even more money using twitter in Kenya, to come soon. Keep fighting for your financial break through because you can!

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